Kaine: Is something big about to happen or are we experiencing yet another false start?


So we have been getting a lot of praise and hype again recently and I figured I would write a blog with my thoughts on just that, the new album and just how well we are really doing.

As I have mentioned to tedium we are currently working on our new album and have been working pretty hard at it between our pretty extensive gigging schedule and real life stuff such as work for the past 8 months or so. We have 14-15 songs we are still rehearsing, demoing and refining of which we are doing about 7 live at the moment.

Recently we have all been repeatedly asked the questions, why aren’t we bigger than we are? Why hasn’t anyone picked us up? What’s got to change for someone to take notice of Kaine? Comments have even made suggesting that we will be playing the o2 aka Millennium Dome in London soon enough! We of course appreciate the positive feedback, although we did have one negative review from Mearfest calling us “inconsistent” and implied we were a naff Iron Maiden clone which almost gave me a feeling of nostalgia looking back to the good old days when reviewers would slag us off for just that, once even being accused of being German! It works both ways, for every bit of praise there’s always someone who doesn’t like it or maybe looking to bring you down. That’s just how it is.

We are very realistic about our prospects moving forward. There’s no major label or management interest despite our recent spike in popularity and praise and we don’t expect that will change before or after the album. The current line-up of myself, Chris, Saxon and Stephen has really started to gel and people are noticing it in our live performances which are improving week on week. We are having fun right now and that’s played a huge part in the improved performances in my view.

Moving back onto the original thought… why aren’t we bigger than we are? The music industry is a complicated business and not just as simple as being a good band, with good songs and having a decent following for an underground band. It revolves around contacts and money of which we simply don’t have. No ones booking us for SOS Fest let alone Download and that sort of thing continues to be a problem for Kaine moving forward.

It’s a volatile game this music thing, as we can easily go from playing to over 300 people one night to about 4 at the following show. It’s unpredictable but usually the better attended shows are the ones where the venue and promoter actually do promotion, and that means spending some cash on informing the potential audience it’s actually on whereas others do nothing and get nothing as a result, blaming the bands afterwards for having no pull.

Kaine has grown steadily since 2009. As with all bands we have had our issues with management and record labels and our fair share of bad luck but with that has come some degree of success and I thought I would share some of these in this blog. We are of course endorsed by some of the biggest and best brands in music, we have toured on a fair scale a few times playing some of the bigger venues to hundreds of people, even headlining our own tour this year and recently we have been starting to shift records at almost a rate of knots. This has resulted in some albums almost out of stock and The Waystone close to breaking even. It’s all very positive right now.

Here are some rough figures on just how well we have done. ..

  • Total Physical Album Sales: Roughly 1’500 across all releases
  • Total Download Sales: 500 +
  • Streaming: 96,513 +

I would say this is fairly strong result for an unknown and incredibly underground Metal band playing a style of music most people had written off since about 1992 and even that’s in despite of it still holding one of the largest fan bases in the world, and still growing! We are capitalizing on that very audience that frankly the labels are ignoring and are failing in most cases to reach with the bands they are pushing. We have worked extremely hard to achieve just that, and this has come from all of our work on the road and online pushing the albums and getting Kaine out to as many people as physically possible. Gigging relentlessly has been a huge factor in bringing the album sales in and increasing the awareness of the band. We can honestly say we have played to thousands of people every year simply due to the number of gigs we do play, even if it’s hard for us to get our audience out all of the time.

So…. The question is …. Is something big about to happen or are we experiencing yet another false start?

I honestly can’t answer that but what I can say, whatever happens with this new album we will as ever give it our best shot.

Thank you for your continued support.

Love, as ever



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