Reasons why you should buy The Waystone by Kaine if you don’t own it already…

So why should you buy our album The Waystone?

Silencer8 - Eternal Reunion

Like many other bands we did pour our blood, sweat and tears into creating our album as well as entirely self-funding and promoting it without any help or support from a label. We have sold over 400 copies since it was released and now need to sell roughly 150 more to finally break even on what we spent making the record. I have detailed the entire recording process, release and subsequent touring in a number of blogs below.

We are now making that final push to break even…

I think it’s a great album, but I would do! There’s a lot of background behind it, every day of hard work writing and rehearsing it, the pressure and arguments with our old management, the tours afterwards all add to the story but the reality is it’s just a good Metal album.

What we hoped to create with The Waystone was a record that could bridge the gap between the old and the new. Yes we are influenced by the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and the bands who led the way before them in the likes of Sabbath, Priest and Deep Purple but the overall objective with this album was to make something new but inspired by those bands. I think we did a decent job of it considering everything we had to fight through at the time.

To our minds there really hadn’t been much in way of new music coming from newer bands and younger musicians that matched the majesty of that golden age of Heavy Metal since the Thrash bands emerged from NWOBHM in the 1980’s. Much of the Metal music in the 1990’s and 2000’s had become far detached from those bands and certainly before we formed Kaine in 2009, the bands around then making the charts often owed more to Hardcore, Dubstep and Hip-hop than they did Iron Maiden. Nobody was catering to that audience and it was frustrating as a fan of old school Heavy Metal to be around during those times.

The songs on this album aim to deliver that classic Metal sound and songwriting style for a new era in Metal.

So why buy our album?

If you are looking to support a new band, who will continue the legacy of the fathers of the genre in Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Deep Purple, their subsequent heirs in Iron Maiden, Saxon, the entire NWOBHM movement and even the later American bands in Metallica and the Thrash movements work, Kaine is the band to get behind. This isn’t a labels sales gimmick for us, we genuinely love and fight for the music. We have played over 200 shows and we are still going despite the many setbacks, following the same path as many other bands that came before us. No venue too big or small for Kaine!

There’s a lot of old school gimmick bands knocking about Europe right now, signed and pushed by a number of labels small and large but with Kaine you are getting the real deal and not just an image.

Obviously, I am going to say the album is good but here’s what others said ….

“So do Kaine fit in if we picked them up and dropped them in the 80s? Cream of the crop, without hesitation. The Ruskin Arms would have loved them and Iron Maiden would probably have been envious.” – Devils Gate Media

“Throughout the album the choruses are simply satisfying, and with an air of technicality marrying into those more modest, traditional segments this is the sort of opus that will no doubt appeal to the more hardened, stone-faced metallers the most, but given time Kaine may mature beyond the paying homage stages and sprout into one of British Metal’s finest.” – Metal Forces Magazine

“After listening to what I can only describe as a new carving on the all mighty stone of Metal history I can safely say the future for classic hard hitting fast and intense riffs has been secured by the might and force of Kaine.” – Metal Temple

“With the style being touted as the second wave by many now, revivalists Kaine are staying true to the sounds that emerged in the early 80’s but adding their own stamp. ‘The Waystone’ is a step up in my opinion. Great production, more melodic vocals and some lead vocals provided by Bassist Dan Mailer, all make for an exciting addition to the Kaine discography.” – Legalalien, Black Phoenix Rising

“That said this is pretty underground stuff, not the sort of thing one would find in say, Kerrang! or even Classic Rock magazine any more but if you hanker for the glory days of the NWOBHM then The Waystone has much to recommend.” – Sea of Tranquility

“Compositionally, the nine tracks presented on The Waystone shows that Kaine clearly understands how to create blistering Metal with harmonies that resonate class, commanding choruses and crushing (and surprisingly complex) riffs.” – Echoes & Dust

“Well now we have Kaine and we can be assured that heavy metal will never die. An exciting act who bring a modern touch to a New Wave of British Heavy Metal chassis. These guys know how to craft top notch metal songs with crazed harmonies, powerful choruses, and riffs that simply fill you with energy. This is the sort of heavy metal that the world needs more of, the thing that leads to ascension, redemption, and ultimately freedom.” – Two Metal Guys

“I’m always happy when I come across newer heavy metal bands that are able to do the NWOBHM sound justice, and based on this single it sounds like these guys have the potential to do so. Check out The Waystone in August!” – Cosmos Gaming

“This is an excellent album that could easily have come from a signed band, and fans of traditional metal/NWOBHM, and of melodic metal in general should definitely check this out.” – Blog of Putrefaction

“If you like it British and traditional then you will like KAINE and don’t forget the “Waystone” out August 2014.” – Tony Dolan (Atomkraft/Venom/Mpire of Evil) for Metal Temple

“KAINE is an extremely talented, good , not to mention very good , heavy metal band that seems to promise that the future of hard-rocking, fast and intense riffs is in good hands. With “The Waystone”, the four men from the island of listening pleasure is at its finest.” – Stormbringer, Austria

“Kaine are a solid format no nonsense metal outfit that have now carved out more than just a niche – they have broken through most of the metal barriers they once thought had eluded them by sheer determination, proving them to be the ones to watch out for!” – Pagan Hel/Crimson Moonzine/Blackened Horde

“Will Kaine have a long and distinguished career like Iron Maiden? Only time will tell, but with ‘Iron Lady’ breathing fire into the resurgence of the NWOBHM sound, the new album is definitely one to watch out for. Due for release August 1st, be sure to mark that date on your calendars – it will be worth it.” – FrenzyFire

“The Waystone will not bore you because the production is excellent (but not too excellent to keep us elitists happy) and it has a satisfactory balance of mid-tempo and slower tracks.” – Metal Recusants

“All in all, I enjoyed this album, a lot. I could really see this group rising up in the future, if they get the right spotlights. They’ve got talent well beyond their years, and they just need to cultivate that. This is a band I would very much like to see and hear more of.” – Phoenix-Rising

The praise the album received was inspiring and many had tipped us to go on to be a mainstream success but sadly that was not to be. We did however do very well considering we are very much an underground band and hopefully the end is in sight in terms of finally breaking even on the record!

So why not buy the album? What have you got to lose? You can help a new band continue playing and recording their own material and own an excellent album at the same time! It’s just £10.00 on CD and even cheaper on digital  from the links below…

There’s even loads of cool Waystone merch!


Every penny made goes back into keeping the band on the road and playing the music we love. Please also “like” us on facebook, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to this website!

Please buy our album 😉

Love, Rage


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