Kaine is a Heavy Metal band from the East of England influenced by the likes of Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Saxon, Iron Maiden, early Metallica and more.The band was originally formed by vocalist/guitarist Rage Sadler in 2009 and has released three studio albums in Falling Through Freedom (2012), The Waystone (2014) and A Crisis of Faith (2018) and has played the main stage of festivals such as Wildfire (2015) in Scotland alongside the likes of Diamond Head, Tygers of Pan Tang, Holocaust etc. and Hard Rock Hell Metal (2018) with Alestorm, Evil Scarecrow, Grave Digger and more.Kaine toured twice in 2014 to support the release of the Waystone, the first being a UK tour alongside Monument and the second was a full Britain and Ireland tour with American Metal legends Mordred. The band currently includes Liam Etheridge (drums), Toby Woods (lead guitar) and Isaac Healy (bass) after reforming shortly after the A Crisis of Faith album. They are recording new material for a brand-new album called Reforge The Steel.


Kaine is a Heavy Metal band from East Anglia in England which originally formed in 2009. Musically, Kaine is influenced by everything from Black Sabbath, to Metallica and Iron Maiden and the NWOBHM bringing it together with modern elements for a new sound rooted in the traditions of the past. The band released its debut album Falling Through Freedom in 2012, and it’s follow-up The Waystone in 2014. They toured heavily in support of The Waystone in 2014, completing two full tours of the UK and Ireland, firstly alongside Monument (ex White Wizzard) and secondly, Bay Area Thrash legends Mordred on their return tour. In 2018 they released their third album, A Crisis of Faith.

They have supported some of the biggest current names in Heavy Metal such as Alestorm, Evil Scarecrow Century Media’s Savage Messiah, I-AM-I which features ex-Dragonforce and current Skid Row Singer ZP Theart, The Raven Age who have supported Iron Maiden, British Lion and Anthrax on tour, The Wild Lies and Absolva, which features members of Iced Earth and is currently former Iron Maiden singer Blaze Bayley’s backing band.

Kaine has also had the honour of sharing the stage with legends such as Diamond Head, Praying Mantis, Tygers of Pan Tang, ex-Iron Maiden members Dennis Stratton, Dennis Wilcock and Terry Wapram, Grave Digger, Holocaust, Lawnmower Death, Annihilated, Tytan (ex-Angel Witch) and Onslaught.

The band was originally comprised of Rage Sadler (guitars and vocals), Elliot Jackson (lead guitars) and Dan Mailer (bass), and was shortly joined by Josh Moreton (drums). The band’s first recordings were DIY efforts that made appeared on the first releases of the original E.P. The recording took place between Peterborough Regional College and a shed in Elliot’s garden and contained four original songs, Lies of the Forsaken, Violent Metal, Entropy (Unrelenting Chaos) and Helpless Salvation. The E.P. was first released in 2010 and Elliot Jackson departed in 2010, with Kaine becoming a three piece until 2011 when Orrin Fairhead joined the band on guitar as the band were recording their debut album, Falling Through Freedom. A revised version of the E.P. was recorded and released at this point, which included additional lead guitars and solos from Orrin. Towards the end of 2011, Orrin was dismissed from the band due to being unable to commit to bookings and the album, which had been recorded, was then shelved.

In January 2012 Anthony Murch joined the band on lead guitar and joined the band in the studio to finish the album, which was released in August of that year. Josh Moreton would leave the band that November, being replaced by Chris MacKinnon on drums.The band was voted the GMA Breakthrough U.K. band of the year in 2013. The results were Kaine (15%), The Defiled (14%), Fallen Fate (13%) and Wretched Soul (12%), and throughout 2013 the band played 41 shows, and were signed to MGR Music who acted as the bands label and management. During the year the band recorded their first live album, Rock The Castle and also began writing material for their follow up album, The Waystone. The Waystone was recorded in early 2014, and the band embarked on their first tour of the year with Monument (ex-White Wizard), where bassist Dan Mailer played in both bands, replacing former Bruce Dickinson bassist Chris Dale on the tour.

Following the tour, Kaine dismissed MGR as their label/management and self-released The Waystone. The album went on to sell over a thousand copies, selling our numerous times on various formats, and was downloaded and streamed over 50,000 times. Kaine would embark on a second tour, this time replacing Furyon on the Mordred tour at the last minute playing a number of larger venues and o2 Academies across Great Britain and Ireland, with Saxon Davids filling in for Anthony on lead guitar. Saxon would join the band full time following the tour making it a five piece. Kaine would continue into 2015, beginning to write the bands third album and would play Wildfire Festival in Scotland alongside Diamond Head, while releasing their first single from that album Justice Injustice. In August 2015, Dan Mailer decided to depart the band and was replaced by Stephen Ellis on bass. Stephen has previously played with Chris in the band Drop Dead Fred. Anthony Murch would also depart the band later that year. The band was nominated for best band, best singer and best performance at that years TBFM Awards.

In 2016 the band reformed as a four piece, now Rage Sadler (guitars and vocals), Chris MacKinnon (drums and backing vocals), Saxon Davids (guitars and backing vocals) and Stephen Ellis (bass), began to write a new album throughout the year, and between 2016-17 the band played 77 shows which included a mini-tour of Scotland, where the band played many of the new tracks live. In 2017 the bands website was recognised as the 87th top Metal blog in the world by Feedspot (Feedspot Blog Reader) . Kaine are listed alongside some of the biggest Heavy Metal sites and bands on the net including the likes Metal Injection, Metal Underground, Metal Blade Records, MetalSucks.net, TeamRock, Decibel Magazine, Terrorizer, Loudwire, Metallica TV, Slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold, Iron Maiden, Nuclear Blast, Century Media Records, Judas Priest and more.The recording of the new album, A Crisis of Faith was finished in September 2017, and the album was released in February 2018. The band played its biggest show to date during this period, in front of a sold out Birmingham o2 Academy for Hard Rock Hell alongside Alestorm and Grave Digger. A Crisis of Faith quickly became the bands best selling album, and was downloaded close to 20,000 times after its release.In April, Chris MacKinnon departed the band to focus on his career in sound engineering. He was followed quickly by Saxon Davids, and Stephen Ellis who also decided the time was right to leave the band.

In a fortnight, Rage recruited Liam Etheridge (drums), Toby Woods (guitars) and Isaac Healy (bass) with the new line-up playing their first gig together on May 26th. The new line-up began recording a new album, Reforge the Steel, towards the end of 2018.

  • Rage Sadler – Rhythm Guitar/Lead Guitar/Vocals (2009 -)
  • Liam Etheridge – Drums (2018)
  • Toby Woods – Lead Guitars (2018)
  • Isaac Healy – Bass Guitar (2018)


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