Kaine – A Crisis Of Faith

Kaine - A Crisis Of Faith - cover

Kaine – A Crisis Of Faith

I fell in love with Kaine on the back of last album “The Waystone”, it harked back to my youth, my teenage years when I lived through NWOBHM.I wanted to grab onto that feeling like a junkie with their last bag of smack. Maiden were(and still are) the band that tore me away from punk and threw me into a world of metal that I am still totally immersed in.

I found the album late, I bought it on the back of one track and it impressed me so much I wrote a review which is unheard of that length of time after release but I had to I was so impressed. This made for a very difficult task to beat. The wait has been agonising for “ A Crisis of Faith” and at times I wondered if it would ever actually materialise. If…

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