We have announced our first run of shows for 2022! We’ll be returning to a number of regular haunts as well as a new venue. One Eyed Toad Records have graciously booked the majority of these dates for us where we will be playing alongside our friends in Neverworld and Planet Fatale.  

  • March 4th, 2022 – Club 85, Hitchin 

Tickets are already on sale for this show here. This is our first show back at Club 85 since September 2017 and the first ever with the current line-up. The last time we played at the venue was the only time the band ever played the single “Holding the Line” live and was the very same day they recorded it at Threecircles Recording Studio. The single is now included on the latest prints of the A Crisis of Faith albums.  

  • March 9th, 2022 – CODA, Colchester 

We played a show at CODA for the first-time last year, which was the band’s first gig without Covid restrictions since the Pandemic began in early 2020. Lead guitarist Toby Woods is unavailable for this date so will be replaced by a guest guitarist which will be announced soon.   

  • March 18th, 2022 – Portland Arms, Cambridge 

Another venue we haven’t played in several years, the last time being back in October 2016. Much like with Club 85, this is our first gig with the current line-up, and we’ll be joined by Raze who will replace Neverworld at this event. Raze are another great band, so well worth checking out this unique line-up on the night.  

  • March 19th, 2022 – The Carlisle, Hastings 

The last time we played here was for Mearfest back in December 2017 with the A Crisis of Faith line-up. A fun fact about this venue, is due to the local Councils zealous enforcement of parking restrictions we have had parking fines every time we have loaded into the venue in the past.  

  • March 26th, 2022 – The Rock Den, Hatfield 

We had been the resident band at The Rock Den back in 2016 having played there regularly in the years previous, however this will be our first performance at the venue since 2018 and only our second with the current line-up! We are very much looking forward to returning this year and entertaining the massive once more.  

  • April 22nd, 2022 – Tap N Tumbler, Nottingham 

This is a brand-new venue for us! We haven’t played here before but we did play Martin Shorts Badass Bash in Nottingham at the Maze all the way back in January 2014 with The Waystone line-up of the band.  


Album 5 Art

Kaine have released an early image of artist Silencer 8’s work on the artwork for the new Kaine album. Silencer 8 has provided artwork for every Kaine album since the bands beginning all of which can be seen in the gallery below.

Kaine’s Reforge The Steel breaks 19,000 plays on NWOTHM Full Albums

Kaine’s 4th album Reforge The Steel has broken 19k plays on NWOTHM Full Albums recently/ NWOTHM Full Albums is a YouTube channel that uploads all albums in the genre and has over 100k subscribers.

If you are yet to check out the album on the channel you can do so here. Please subscribe to the channel, like the video and include a comment to help the album perform better within the algorithm.

You can order the new version of the album on a collections edition CD here. It includes a light remix, additional backing vocals and a number of bonus tracks not available on the original album. The CD is enclosed in a Super Jewel Case and includes a full colour booklet.


Kaine have another busy weekend ahead as they take to the road to play Ipswich tonight at The Smokehouse. Tickets are available at the door from 7:30pm where Kaine and Virgin Witch will be supporting Planet Fatale.

On Sunday the band will be heading to Gallow Wood Media in Margaret Roding to track vocals for the new album, before heading over to Unit One in Colchester for further rehearsals of the new album and EP.

Kaine’s latest album Reforge The Steel will be available to purchase at The Smokehouse tonight, alongside the brand new Reforge The Steel t-shirt. Deals will be available at the merch stand, so please come visit us after the show.


Last weekend Kaine finished recording the majority of the instrumentation for the new album with Wayne Thompson at Unit One studios last weekend. Toby Woods completed all his lead and rhythm recordings between the 17th and 18th of July as well as recording of additional harmony guitars.

Rage Sadler is to begin recording the vocals for the new album soon, with the new album being due to release next year.

Coda Wednesday Night

The band also returned to non-socially distanced on Wednesday (July 21st) at a packed out show alongside friends Mercury Rising and Osmium Guillotine at Coda, Colchester. The gig was organised by Imperious Spirit promotions and was a major success for the underground Metal scene in Essex. Kaine played a mixture of songs from the new album and Reforge The Steel.


I thought I would do a write-up on last night’s gig as it is hopefully our last socially distanced gig ever, although I am becoming less hopeful every day with cases beginning to rise every day again with the new Indian variant now sweeping through our communities. We have only played two socially distanced gigs since live music was in effect banned due to the covid-19 pandemic, the last once was in Ipswich for a Deadsoul promotions show and the one last night. Last night’s show was meant to be a full-on, regular gig until the Government extended restrictions and it was moved outside.

My day was fairly tiring, I got up at 7am, went to work for a full day, and then at 5pm I hopped in Isaac’s car and we made the long trip from Essex to the Leicestershire. We were further delayed due to Isaac’s satnav not being fully updated with the new Cambridgeshire roads, and it was sending us in random directions so I had to whip Google Maps out to get us back on the right track.

We arrived after 7pm, Stonedead Villains had already started. Generally, I always like to watch all the bands on the bill, but we missed the start of the set loading in. Toby, Liam along with Alex had arrived ahead of time as we had brought our own drumkit. However there wasn’t any space at the venue for the gear and the gig was being held in the pub’s beer garden so storage was limited and with it raining and limited cover, the gear was at risk of being damaged. Rhabstallion were, fortunately, kind enough to lend us their drumkit and cabs, which meant the changeover was smooth and we were able to set up and play relatively quickly once Stonedead Villains had finished their set, which I was able to catch the end of.

We had been asked to play an hour by the promoter however timing-wise it was just too tight, so we cut our set in half to ensure Rhabstallion got enough time to play a full set. I felt we played relatively well, although the stage wasn’t big enough for a four-piece band so I had to stand in the audience area with the guys remaining on the limited stage space. It’s the first time I have played inside a beer garden myself, so I can add that to an empty Skatepark and a Football Stadium as stage venues to play! I was also happy with how well my voice held out as I have been very much out of gig practice with my singing since the pandemic hit, I have only had to sing live three times since last March! A few people commented that we were very good on the night and asked why we weren’t playing bigger venues and festivals which is always a tough question to answer.

Rhabstallion then came on after and finished the night, managing to get the full set and encore to enable the gig to finish exactly at 11pm, so well organised all around. Liam got progressively more drunk throughout the night until the point we had to pack his gear away as he’d started walking into things and forgetting what he was doing, at one point he had two pints and was arguing that he hadn’t ordered one of them, but was still annoyed when he managed to spill the spare one everywhere! I enjoyed both bands on the bill, and the audience seemed to have a good time also which is the important thing. However turnout was much weaker than expected, we had promoted the show heavily before the restrictions being extended and something like 300 people in the Coalville area had shown an interest in the gig, however, there couldn’t have been more than 20 people there on the night including the bands, so I do think the restrictions and apprehension about the virus did hurt the event.

We had a great time throughout the night catching up with those who had come to see us, enjoying the bands, and generally had a lot of fun. Rhabstallion were kind enough to give us a share of the money on the night, and we sold a few CDs as well.  I think I got home about 3am, I dread to think what time Toby and Isaac got home!


We are releasing a brand new Reforge The Steel shirt which can be pre-ordered for £12 here or bundled with a CD and a patch here. If you pre-order the t-shirt today you will get it at a discounted price before it hits the merch stand later this year. Kaine members will receive further discounts on the shirt.


The “Reforged” version of Kaine reached it’s third anniversary, having formed on this day in 2018. The line up of Rage Sadler (rhythm guitars and vocals), Liam Etheridge (drums), Toby Woods (lead guitars) and Isaac Healy (bass) has released a studio album (Reforge The Steel), two EP’s (The Waystone and Kaine) and two live albums (Kaine X and Reforge The Steel Live) since their formation and is preparing to record a brand new album and EP this year.

You can read a recap of the last three years here.


*Click on each link to expand the articles.

We’ve been looking back over the last 3 years as we reach the third anniversary of the new line-up coming together this week. Each article above covers the A Crisis of Faith line-up ending, and what Liam’s, Toby’s and Isaac’s reflections are from the last three years with the band. We’ve also covered some of the earliest gigs with the band.


Our first gig was on May 26th 2018. It was one of our regular shows there as I had booked a reasonably busy schedule that year to help promote A Crisis of Faith. We arrived at the venue early and were chatting outside prior to load in when Dan Mailer and Josh Birch arrived together (from Osmium Guillotine) pulling up in the carpark, I had a half empty bottle of Coca-Cola which I was able to throw through the passenger window, past Josh’s head and straight into Dan’s face as he pulled up. Dan, looking for revenge, jumped out of his car and came charging up the B2 steps towards me, having forgot to put his handbrake on, turning to see Josh and his car going for unplanned trip into the Brickmakers beer garden!

From one of the early shows in Camden

The other amusing moment from that gig was the late great Wayne MacConnachie had arrived with Peter Keliris for the gig, he looked at me, looked at the guys and said “where’s ya band” obviously having not heard the news, I said to him that this was the band, he looked at me, looked at them “your fucking joking aren’t you?” I said the others had left the band and he was gobsmacked “they left you? They all left you? They all fucking left you?!”. Wayne simply couldn’t believe the last line up had left! That was sadly the last time I saw Wayne alive and were informed of his passing on the way to the Reforge The Steel Live recording gig in November 2019. We played a tribute to Wayne alongside Osmium Guillotine and Walk in Coma in January 2020 in Braintree.

Gent aka local legend Andy Martin opened the night, and Osmium Guillotine obviously also played. Dan Mailer jumped on on stage with us for the encore and all in all it was a successful first gig with very few mistakes. I think we genuinely shocked a few people. The band was formed in a fortnight and was already playing live, and to a good level, the transition seamless from the previous line-up.

An early B2 Show

Our next gig was a charity event in Long Melford, famous for being the place the legendary Hellfire Club was founded and much of the local folklore surrounds nefarious activities by the local nobles at Melford Hall. It is also famous for Beatrix Potter having stayed there. The gig itself was for our friend Bonnie Kelly’s fathers best friends memorial – Bonnie has her own band New Pages which can be checked out here. Toby and Isaac had to perform double duty as Cannon were also on the bill. Chris MacKinnon was also doing sound that night, obviously unable to stay away from us! After that we played the Unicorn in Camden for the first time. We would play a few gigs there in 2018 which were all really good, but weirdly after that we were never invited back! Kaine actually hadn’t played the gig since 2013 when we supported Canadian Metal legends Striker there! Again the gig went well and the band started to gel on stage.

After that we played with Alter the Sky at the Blue Moon, Cambridge. This is another venue we used to play a lot back in the day when it was the Man on the Moon, we even had a residency there for a bit in 2013. Again the show went incredibly well and people struggled to believe that this was a brand new band. We also started playing songs from Reforge The Steel around this time in the set as well. We were literally rehearsing, learning the Crisis material and adding new material into the set as well which really helped progress the Reforge The Steel album quickly.

Our one and only appearance at The Rock Den!

It was in this period that I wrote the 8 tracks for Reforge The Steel at home. I decided that to prove the band wasn’t dead and this band was as good as ever, I had to get a new album out as quickly as possible. I wrote Reforge The Steel, Black and Rebirth first, Wake was a song and I and Saxon Davids started working on some years previous that we even played live in instrumental form toward the back end of 2017, and songs like Master of Mankind and In Cold Light were written later with Loudwire being the last one I think I wrote for that album. It was important to show the world that we were still going and that is why Reforge The Steel came out so soon after A Crisis of Faith. We just learned the new songs between the Crisis material, and then played them live to iron out the cracks. It was a very busy period for the band. I had also started a new job around that time, which was less all over the place then the warehouse work but infinitely more stressful!

We had another gig at the B2 in July. Anthony Murch joined us for a few songs that night and a solo trade-off on stage, which I part inspired the ending of Master of Mankind! As Ant arrived the venue I was able to sneak around his car with a traffic cone, and block his door off so he couldn’t get out of his car! Is it any wonder people leave my band….Having looked back at the dates we had a very busy 2018! We were back at the Unicorn that month and also played our first and only gig at The Rock Den in Hatfield, another venue we’d previously been a resident band at.

Adam’s old band Cardinal

At the end of July we played Swanfest at the Swan, Ipswich in what was one of the hottest gigs I have ever played. Long term band friend Adam Prowse (who had played bass in Cardinal) joined us for the encore on vocals. The Swan is famous for having Ed Sheeran play there before he was famous. Ed recently having sponsored Ipswich Town Football Club, my football team and is famous for other things, but for me that’s the most important! Much like me he’s a regular at Town games, but at least he has a successful musical career to drown out the misery! It’s good to see him plough some money into the club under the new owners, but having said that if the club dropped any lower then I could have probably afforded to buy it, let alone sponsor it!

From The Smokehouse, Ipswich

So I thought I would give a little detail on our early gigs as a band. It’s weird to think this was all three years ago now. I will cover the back end of 2018 and the start of the recording of Reforge The Steel next week.