We have launched our new EP, Extinction After with two new songs today, Evil I and Evil II. These are two brand new tracks not featured on our album After Extinction. The CD release will be available to Patreons paying £3 and up, which will be sent outside our multi-disc Falling Through Freedom package, a new shirt, and a patch very soon. You can still grab all this merch for just £3 here.

We have further evolved our band’s sound to a darker, thrashier, and heavier tone than our previous releases. Please click the play icons above and below to hear the tracks. The EP will be coming to streaming services at a later date.


We are back at Unit One Studios for the first time in 2023 today. We will be having a refresh session as well as working on our set for our gig at the Hot Box in Chelmsford on January 19th. You can buy tickets in advance from here and Band Backer Patreon’s can attend the gig for free by clicking here. The footage of today’s session will be uploaded onto YouTube next week.

Mixing and editing has been completed for the Extinction After EP. This EP includes 5 brand new songs, not on our most recent album, and was recorded by Wayne Thompson at Unit One Studio’s last year.

Once the final tracks go back, both Patreon CD releases will go to the printers alongside the Falling Through Freedom 10th anniversary patch and t-shirt. We are sorry about the delay. Once this is completed an announcement for the 2023 Patreon pack will be made, and this will be a very special release.


As we had over 400 people read our post about Kaine not touring or playing festivals in 2023 I thought I would clarify some of the comments made yesterday on the band’s bookings as it has been met with some criticism.

I wanted to make it as clear as possible that the only way you will likely see us in 2023 is at one of our local gigs. We cannot play further afield outside of a tour due to fuel/hotel costs.

We have no issues getting bookings in our own area, this is not a problem for us, although some took it as that way also.

It also wasn’t an attack on the UK Rock and Metal festivals, although a few read it that way. Yes, we are disappointed they haven’t booked us but that is likely because they feel we aren’t good enough for their events and we cannot force the issue on them. We do get our supporters ask us to play these events, especially those closest to them, but we hold no influence over that. If you would like us to play the festivals you like to attend, please drop the relevant organisers there a line instead.

I was brutally honest in that we did push to be a tour support again this year and were turned down, and we are not booked for any festivals. Therefore, as stated yesterday, if you want to see us live, it will be at the gigs we are putting on ourselves. The advantage of that is you will get a more personalised experience at a smaller venue and for a fraction of the cost, although I appreciate if you are outside of the East Anglia area you may need to travel to be able to see us live this year.

It’s disappointing, but the influential people in the UK scene are not interested in us for their tours, festivals, or support slots. After 14 years this is abundantly clear. We can only focus on what we can achieve on our own.  That is the reality about Kaine, there is no magic wand that will change this.

What I will say is I am eternally thankful to those who have supported us over the past 14 years. We couldn’t have existed without your support.


We haven’t been booked for any tours, support slots, larger venues, or for any festival appearances in 2023 so if you wish to catch us live, it will be at our local gigs only.

We did investigate future tour support bookings following our tour with Lillian Axe and Riot Act last year, however, we didn’t get any interest for any future supports. As is usually the case, there was no interest in our band for playing any of the medium to bigger size festivals in the UK/Europe for 2023 either. We are disappointed that we weren’t able to follow up last year with a further tour, or some bigger gig and festival offers, but this is the nature of the business and we will work harder this year to try and progress.  

If you do want to see us live this year, we will be playing our usual small venue shows as and when we are offered, these will largely be free entry gigs, or for a low ticket price. Our first (and so far only) of these for 2023 is in Chelmsford this month and you can find more details of this event here. We will continue to be as honest and upfront with our supporters about our situation. We hope to see you at a gig soon!


For those Patreon’s paying for the band-backer tier, we will reimburse the price of any tickets for our gig later this month at Hot Box, Chelmsford (January 19th at 7pm).

If you have purchased tickets for the event in advance, please send the email proof of purchase to bookings@kaine-metal.com and we will refund you the cost of all tickets (including those for friends) purchased for the event after the show takes place.If you purchase a ticket on the door, please come and see us on the night to have the reimbursement arranged. You can buy tickets here: https://link.dice.fm/A83d17889155

If you wish to become a Kaine band-backer please click here.


Our website was viewed a record 14,373 times in 2022. This is the most the website has ever been viewed. The top page was the tour dates page, which received over 6,100 hits after the Lillian Axe/Riot Act tour announcement back in August. The most read piece was from just a few days ago, with over 500 people reading the article about Rock/Metal journalism.

Thanks to everyone who checked out our website in 2022 and helped us continue to grow!


We’ve all seen it, the clickbait posts.

There was once a time prior to every Slipknot release we would get Corey Taylors’ view on every matter from every available media outlet, presently we are getting inundated with things about Ghost since they found TikTok success with Mary on A Cross, apparently Sleep Token is the next big thing and we know Dave Mustaine was fired from Metallica 40 odd years ago, but for some reason, this story is repeated daily. This morning we learned about what Bruce Dickinson did when Blaze Bayley replaced him in Iron Maiden in slightly more recent times, 1994…

I have noticed these articles are getting two types of engagement. One group of responders are those who read the headline and not the detail and will comment on the headline only, without understanding the context of the headline or the quote in question.

One recent piece I read was about the challenges Dave Mustaine had replacing Dave Ellefson, organising the re-recording of the parts for the new Megadeth album, and then preparing a new line-up for a major tour, all of which anyone who’s been in bands will understand will know will be a stressful and difficult period. This was a small part of a recent interview where Mustaine talked about his success on his recent tour. In this, he spoke about how well the band had done, and he showed a great level of appreciation for the bands he had toured with.

It was an interesting piece, however the headline however simply said, “I know what it is like to have people gunning for me” in reference to how the music press had gone after Dave Ellefson immediately following the controversy, showing some empathy for his former bandmate.  The headline let down the article, which was actually a good one, a positive one. Because a large number of those who engaged with the article only read the headline, the response was overwhelmingly negative, assuming that this was again about Dave Mustaine and Metallica, which it absolutely wasn’t.

The other group who comments are those who are sick to death with seeing the same stories recycled by all the major outlets, the attempts to reignite a feud that finished decades ago and people’s opinions on stuff that frankly nobody cares about, just to get certain groups angry.

On the flipside the media outlets will argue, they post and write about this stuff because that’s what people engage with, but it’s almost all negative, whether it is people arguing over whether Sleep Token is the next big thing, how much they hate the latest Ghost single, or a falling out between the members of Journey.  But this negative content is pretty much all they write about, and it’s to win at algorithms and not contribute anything substantial to heavy music, or even the debate. They pander to the angry, not the interested. Surely there is something else, something better than just this to write about?

The whole Rock and Metal online environment has been turned toxic, and the music seems secondary to the online arguments and the drama.  In the U.K. we call these “Sun” “Mirror” or “Daily Mail” headlines used to get readers angry, and make a cheap political point but have very little substance. While it might generate engagement and a few clicks, it’s not going to be generating album streams, sales, or selling tickets to anyone’s gigs. We know that, as everything is declining.

I do think the silent majority are sick to death of the way things are presently, and do want something new. The media has the power to flip this on its head and to contribute towards growing streams, album sales, and ticket sales but instead, it’s choosing to go for cheap clicks instead. Is it any wonder so many of these outlets can no longer afford to print their magazines?

As I have stated, frankly, the silent majority want something new, the legacy bands are established, and they will always have a growing fanbase, they are not gaining anything from feuds from 40 years ago. People are getting fed up with this style of journalism which is doing a ton of damage to the Rock and Metal scene by encouraging its ugliest elements to continually engage with negative and angry content rather than celebrating the quality of the music, the live performances or the excitement at a potentially good new band. All the good going on is being lost behind the anger aimed at these clickbait articles, and the average music fan just wants something good to listen to, they don’t care about other stuff. These are the people we are turning away in droves by the media continuing to create this environment.

Do we see the same negativity ever being written about what say Ed Sheeran does by the “pop” media? No. Because they promote his music, and the qualities he has as a person, not whether he fell out with a mate when he was 19 while recording a demo. They are making big money with the positive approach. A lot could be learned from that.

While I appreciate that music is subjective, and not everyone will like every band, at the same time we have an absolutely thriving underground Rock and Metal scene here in the U.K. with hundreds of amazing bands which cover every heavy genre, from Hard Rock to Extreme Metal. We have bands with great songs, we have tons of great young bands who really can play their stuff live, they have great attitudes, and their own growing fan bases. There is something for everyone, every generation and every taste. This should be covered, but it is being completely ignored. For me, it’s a shame this is being ignored in favour of promoting negative headlines and feuds from half a century ago, or the latest TikTok success. I think that something needs to change in Metal/Rock journalism that helps promote the good that is happening, and not just focus on the negativity algorithm or trying to benefit from a social media flash in the pan.

That may upset a few influential people, or make me unpopular as a result, but this is how I feel.


I thought I would do a write-up on the year with the band given it’s been our busiest ever.  In the early part of the year, we played a run of gigs put on by One Eye Toad Records which really helped us get back on the road again after the Covid-era restrictions were finally lifted in most cases.  Most of these gigs were with Neverworld and Planet Fatale, two bands we have played with on a number of occasions over the years and with who we enjoy playing alongside. It’s worth mentioning that John Morter who organised these gigs and helped us get back to a regular gigging schedule sadly passed away last month. For all of his hard work and dedication to the scene, he will be greatly missed.

Coda – 9/3/2022

During that run of gigs, we had a one-night-only reunion with Anthony Murch on lead guitar. Ant was in the band from 2012-2015 and played on our first two albums. Anthony again played songs from both his time in the band and later albums since his departure.  He’s currently playing alongside our former drummer Chris MacKinnon (who likewise joined in 2012, but after our debut album before leaving in 2018) in a band called It’s Not A Phase Mum, covering the 2000’s era classics which can be found here.

We made our return to two of our favourite venues this year too, both the Melbourn Rock Club and the Rock Den in Hatfield, both of which were fun nights.

A large portion of the year has been taken up with recording, editing, mixing, mastering, and so on. We worked extremely hard to get our new album After Extinction finished this year, as well as recording a further 10 tracks for two EPs, one of which has been released digitally and the other is currently being worked on. I have said previously that I cannot remember a time the band has been busier and 2022 certainly was a challenging year, but I feel a great relief to know everything on our end is now completed and there is very little remaining to do going into 2023.

It is worth mentioning that there will be a new Falling Through Freedom t-shirt and patch coming to all our Patreon’s soon, with two EPs (which include a multi-disc set) on CD heading out to everyone paying £3 or more ASAP. We have been slightly delayed in getting these out due to the Extinction After EP still being finalised! These will be with you soon, depending on Royal Mail strikes!  

In August of course we joined the Lillian Axe/Riot Act (ex-Riot) tour as a replacement for Kim Melville. This is the first tour this line-up has done, and we had an amazing time on the road, and we are very thankful for the opportunity to play with two exceptional bands here in the U.K.

We aptly finished the year with two hometown shows in Colchester both at the Brewhouse on the 25th of November and Coda, on the 14th.

We also introduced a new Patreon tier, a band backer tier which was to help the band fund an opportunity we were recently offered. Without giving too much away at this stage, an official offer/contract has come through and we used some of the new Patreon funds to have the offer independently accessed by an expert, as well as general guidance on the best route forward for the band in 2023, with more the be revealed at a later date.


We are back in Unit One today working on our set for 2023 and new music for our next album. We have had a busy week, having played our last gig of 2022 on Wednesday at Coda. We are now looking forward to our return to Chelmsford on January 19th at Hotbox. Hotbox is on the same road as the old Asylum venue, a venue Kaine played regularly in the past as well as out current line-up with their previous bands Cannon and Asylum. You can get tickets for the gig here.


The first single from our Falling Through Freedom EP can be heard using the play icon above or by clicking here. The single was re-recorded for the anniversary set for our debut album which was released in 2012. The new version was recorded at Gallow Wood Media by the band’s current line-up to celebrate 10 years of the debut album.
The track was originally released on the band’s first EP back in 2010, and then again in 2012 on the debut album.
The multi-disc set includes:
·         The original 2012 album CD
·         The remastered album on CD from 2016
·         The instrumentals on CD
·         The original 2011 album sessions on CD
·         A brand-new EP on CD with 5 re-recordings from the original album with two tracks that didn’t make the original album

This can be ordered from £3 or more here and includes a new shirt/patch. This is a limited run which are being made to order, once these have gone, they will not be printed again.