Arts Centre Show – Ticket includes CD, Shirt, Poster and more[Update]


With every ticket purchase for our Colchester Arts Centre show in 2019, you get a CD, Shirt, Poster plus more to be announced with every ticket where can be ordered here.


Kaine will be supported by A Bribe for The Ferryman and Osmium Guillotine, and will feature guest appearances from founding members as well as the A Crisis of Faith line-up.


A Crisis of Faith Line-Up to reunite for last ever performance at Kaine 10 Year Show


Rage Sadler, Chris MacKinnon, Saxon Davids and Stephen Ellis will perform together for one last time at next years Anniversary show at the Arts Centre in Colchester.

The band, who were the Kaine line-up from 2016 to early 2018, recorded the bands most recent album A Crisis of Faith and were a very popular live act that many were sad to see split up. It was also the line-up who played in front of a sold-out Birmingham o2 in February. The band performed together briefly at Osmium Guillotines album launch show in September playing The Mind Is Willing.

The line-up will perform a selection of songs from A Crisis of Faith.  If you wish to see the final ever performance of this line-up, please purchase a ticket by clicking here.

A Crisis of Faith – Blog 2


From the Ashes ….

It’s been a while since I wrote one of these blogs. My reasoning is quite simple, I have been busy rebuilding the band following the collapse of the A Crisis of Faith line-up starting back in April, when Chris announced his departure and was followed by Saxon and Stevo thus ending the line-up that had been in place since the start of 2016.

I have already said numerous times how devastating this was to me, especially after what we had achieved with the last record and as a live band and to have it end so quickly and abruptly was easily my lowest point over the 9 years of Kaine. For me, it was also the greatest challenge ever faced as I had essentially a fortnight to rebuild the band, and chances are it could have even been the end of me as a musician and I honestly thought it was.

However, for whatever reason I have been blessed with another chance to succeed in music and to continue with Kaine. Liam joined us on drums while the majority of the old line-up were still in the band, and not long after we held auditions for guitar and bass and have been incredibly blessed to welcome both Toby and Isaac into the fold.

These three young guys have come in and had to catch up with much of the bands back catalogue in a very short amount of time. They have all shown a great level of dedication and professionalism in under taking the task and working with me to get the new band gig ready in a very short amount of time. Very few people believed we could manage that, and to be honest they would probably be right in assuming so. It was one hell of a challenge to be faced with. However, we are here now, approaching our 5th gig and as a line-up growing into a stronger unit on stage, are already playing a new song live amongst an hour set which we have already headlined with. In fact, we played it with such ferocity that Isaac managed to cut his finger open and had to come to rehearsals the next day bandaged up. Those who came were stunned that the band was still holding up it’s same high standards with an entirely new band which had been together roughly a month in total.

Despite all the problems caused by members leaving, I remain committed to releasing the rest of A Crisis of Faith and have been working incredibly hard with Breed Media to produce a high quality coloured vinyl version of the album, as well as mixing our 2017 live album which should be released soon after. This has been a lot of work between rebuilding the band, but as I said, I have an obligation to A Crisis of Faith whether the line-up split up or not and of course to everyone who paid extra for the pre-orders who helped us fund the recording in the first place. The good news is A Crisis of Faith has since sold out on CD and we’ve had to order more.

Because of all this work with the new line-up and A Crisis of Faith I have had to ditch the streaming on Facebook and YouTube stuff I was doing earlier this year, but once I get settled again I will resume what I was doing.

We’re now getting new booking coming forward with people very impressed with the new line-up, and while we have taken a knock, ultimately, I am just grateful to be playing at all right now.

I hope to see you on the road.
Love, Rage

Saxon Davids and Stephen Ellis announce departure from Kaine


Saxon Davids (lead guitar) and Stephen Ellis (bass) have today announced their departure from the band, following Chris MacKinnon’s (drums) departure last month, effectively ending the bands A Crisis of Faith line-up.

“Leaving Kaine isn’t a decision I’ve taken lightly but I feel I’m at a point in my life now where I need to take a break from the heavy and active lifestyle of gigging to focus on my own life and career outside of being in a band. I wish my old band mates nothing but success and want to thank them all for the amazing experiences these past 4 years have given me.” – Saxon Davids

Following Saxon’s decision to leave the band, Rage offered Stephen the chance to leave the band at this point also which he accepted.

“I didn’t want to have to leave Kaine, but following Chris’s and now Saxon’s departures I feel it’s best at this point to also move on to allow the band to start putting together a new line-up for 2018. I will be making my own statement at a later point” – Stephen Ellis

Both Saxon Davids and Stephen Ellis will remain with the band in a live capacity until replacements can be found. The remaining members of Kaine will make an announcement tomorrow.

Chris MacKinnon announces his departure from Kaine as band issues release on its own future


Earlier today Chris MacKinnon issued the following statement as he announced his departure from Kaine.

Having sat at the computer screen for nearly 30 minutes now without being able to find the correct words to say, I’m just going to be blunt about this.

A few weeks ago I came to the conclusion that I no longer wanted to continue as a member of Kaine .

As complex as the situation feels in my head, it is actually a very simple reason – finances. I’ve been with the band for almost 6 years, and have devoted countless hours to its progression, yet always at the expense of myself or my other bandmates.

I wish I could devote the same level of commitment that Rage, Saxon and Stephen bring to the band, and have always tried my hardest to ensure that things were done with the utmost professionalism, whether that be learning the material for recording or simply knowing that saying ‘Yes’ to a show date means it is set in stone. However, it seems that I’ve reached a point where I’m standing on a thin wire and a final choice had to be made.

Regrets, I hear you ask? None. This band is my baby, and when I joined in November 2012 I was simply a 17 year old emo who liked to play Funk Rock with anyone who would have me. I never expected that the band would turn out touring 3 times and playing enormous show’s like HRH Metal. I have adapted and evolved enormously as a drummer and as a person, and looking back on my time in the band I can’t see a single thing I would have changed, from recording the entire Waystone album in one 9-hour session to sitting down with my guitarists for hours on end discussing harmonies and other musical nonsense.

Kaine remains, and this is just my time to move on to the next thing in my life, whatever that may be. Rage is still the most devoted, hard-working and outright decent bloke I’ve ever met. I’ve racked up a fair amount of debt with the guy over the years from my own inability to pay for expenses, and he has never made it into an issue, as he of all people understands how hard money-troubles can be. He’s a rare breed of person, the kind of guy that we need more of in this twisted world.

Stephen and I played for years in Drop Dead Fred – Band, and when our time there came to a close, we focused our efforts into Kaine and were able to create an album that I’m incomparably most proud of. Steve is an absolute monster as a musician, and also a genuinely incredible bloke with the most hilarious sense of humour you will ever find in another human. His songwriting ability is also second to none, as he somehow has the ability to constantly come up with new ideas. Did I mention he can talk bollocks for hours on end?

Saxon deals in absolutes. He is a musical Sith-lord, powered by Modes and Semiquavers, and in the 4+ years I’ve known him I’ve only ever seen him use the toilet once, and that was to flush a barbie. He’s quiet, but he’s also a bloody loony and I will sorely miss being on stage with him. In fact, I will sorely miss playing with the whole band, as this is a life decision I’ve never made before. (I normally just wait to get fired from bands, I’ve never quit one before lol).

These guys are my Brothers, and they’ve seen me, and helped me through more situations than they probably even realise.

For my own part, I’m very thankful I was given the opportunity to play for the band and experience the wonderful world of music, as grimy as it can be at times. The weird and wonderful people that I have met along the way will remain with me forever, it really has been a journey through and through.
I will be joining Kaine on every date I agreed to, until a replacement is found, and ultimately I intend to press my interests towards working further in the music industry and will be trying to access work on more tours now that I have a stronger understanding of how the touring industry works.

Still. I wish the band every success in the world, and will support them as though I were still with them. If you’ve read all of this, and don’t yet own our album, go buy our album.

Peace. – Chris

The remaining members of the band spoke late last Thursday night about the situation moving forward after Chris had told them his intention was to leave by the end of the year provided no replacement was found beforehand. Rage then made the following statement after Chris’s announcing his leaving of the band.

“Losing Chris just a few months into the release of A Crisis of Faith has been a massive blow to the band. Chris, for the better part of 6 years has been a very active and contributing member of Kaine having appeared on our last two albums and a live album, featured during the bands only two major tours and of course the bands career highlight playing Hard Rock Hell just a few months ago. It’s not unfair to say we were devastated by his decision to leave us.

Chris has been our friend and bandmate, we as a four rallied together after a turbulent 2015 to rebuild the band into an exceptional live act and to deliver an album that we hoped would launch to band to the next level. Chris was a huge part of this process, working with us to structure the songs as well as contributing two full songs and lyrics to the album spending literally hours in rehearsal rooms to get everything right. Chris prepared the ghost tracks for the album, organised the studio sessions directly and the results speak for themselves.

Ultimately the album did not take the band to the next level, and a tough financial decision had to be made by Chris. Despite the album being available for £3, it’s not been a strong seller and without the number of record sales or large gig attendance we simple do not generate an income from Kaine and Chris has been caught between a rock and a hard place and had to find a way out to be able to progress his life.

It’s a decision we fully understand as we’re all equally in a very bad position financially as things stand following the release of the album, and with the upcoming gig schedule where we are in fact promoting the majority of our own shows, without the bodies through the door and the merch we’re making a loss on those too and it’s a loss Chris could no longer afford to make. There is no major label, tours of festival offers on the table at present either, meaning all the work and financing of the band is entirely on us.

We concluded that we were still obligated to see out the A Crisis of Faith release on the road, and while so far the band has struggled to break through to the next level, but equally we’re not going to be able to sell any records or merch sitting at home and thus will be auditioning new drummers from Thursday this week and preparing the write the fourth Kaine album over the coming months.”