Our new album has now been fully mixed and mastered. We will soon begin to release the singles from the album, as well as announce the release date and open the pre-order period.

We performed two songs from the album, Left Behind and Bright, last night at the Cart & Horses, Stratford while supporting Planet Fatale and Desolation Angels.


After Extinction

The album has made some progress in recent weeks with the addition of keys and some last-minute changes to some of the vocals. The reason this album has been more complicated than previous releases is it has been recorded between two studios (Unit One and Gallow Wood Media) and both studios have had a hand in the editing process whereas I and the band have overseen the mixing process in a more involved way than previous releases. It’s not where our expertise is, but due to the UK Lockdowns over the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to work in this way. This has also meant the costs associated with the album are much greater than our previous releases. Broadly speaking the project is almost finished and we are sorry about the delay.

Kaine 21’ EP

All the instruments have been recorded, I am in the final stages of finishing the lyrics before I book in vocal recording sessions. This EP contains 5 brand new songs and has been delayed largely because of the backlog to do with the new album. So far all of the recordings have taken place at Unit One Studios and no editing or mixing has taken place.

Kaine 22’ EP – Falling Through Freedom Anniversary Box Set

We have finished recording all the bass and guitars for the new EP at Gallow Wood Media, with Liam currently working on what he would like to do with the drums. This EP will be included in the anniversary set of the album, which will include the “demo” album, recorded by the 2011 line-up, the original 2012 album, the 2016 remaster, and the new EP.

Lillian Axe and Riot Act Tour

I have also been very busy working on the tour. I am pleased to say the transport and hotels are now all booked up. In terms of crew, Alex Odinson and Charles Franklin will be handing roadie duties which include everything from loading in, to providing tech support, looking after merchandise, and recording video footage of the gigs.

All t-shirt pre-orders have now been sent out with signed posters. In recent weeks I have written to a number of our Bandcamp buyers via the post with invitations to the tour, I have been using our emailing lists to send our targeted emails and videos to promote the events and obviously running an extensive social media campaign. I have also been supporting Lillian Axe with their social media campaign.

We will be using this tour to promote our most recent album Reforge The Steel, which was released just before the Covid-19 pandemic and this restricted the number of gigs we could do to promote it.

Opportunities like this do not come around often, and whether or not we get this kind of opportunity again depends on the success of this tour, which is why I am working flat out to try and make every show a sell-out. You can get tickets from here.


Heidi has finished recording her contributions to our new album After Extinction this week, which include keys and vocal harmonies to a number of tracks on the new album. The album is currently being mixed, with further vocal revisions being recorded at Gallow Wood Media this weekend.

The 5th album from Kaine.

We are currently working on the new album, and two EP’s all of which will be released later this year.

Heidi and Kaine guitarist Toby Woods previously appeared together on the Unit One Sessions cover of Maneater which can be heard above.


Reforge The Steel was released in October 2019 and not long after the release the UK went into a Covid-19 lockdown, and thus live shows were cancelled and suspended for the majority of 2020/21. This meant there was a lack of opportunity for ourselves to play live to promote the album and sell physical copies at our gigs. We are therefore using our August tour as an opportunity to run a soft relaunch of the album, we will be promoting the release through our social channels again and will be performing tracks exclusively from that album during the tour. You can order the CD here.


The original version on CD sold out, the current version is our collectors edition version which includes a high-quality CD, a full colour booklet with all the lyrics all housed in a super jewel case and has 5 bonus tracks as well as a remastered and updated version of the album.

We also produce a limited edition shirt featuring the album art which is also available here.


Album title and logo

We’ve recently ran into a few issues with the new album which has caused some delays. Unlike previous records which were done in one studio, with one producer and over a short period of time, After Extinction has been a totally different process largely due to the Covid restrictions which have delayed the writing, rehearsals and recording of the album significantly over the past two years.  

We out of necessity have tracked the album across two studios (Gallow Wood Media and Unit One) with Talon Payne and Wayne Thompson contributing to the recording, production and editing of the album while we have been mixing the album ourselves and with advice from an external studio. I have overseen the whole project between managing the day-to-day business of the band and my day job. We have also been back on the road gigging with Neverworld and Planet Fatale which has meant much of my free time has been focused on making those shows a success on top of looking after the new album project.  

Recently this was pushed back when there was a hardware failure has resulted in further delays to the production after a handful of songs had been mixed, and between further revisions and contributions of the keys from Heidi Crowell.  This hardware issue has now been resolved and we are now moving forward with the album release again.

So, while the songs have been tracked and are sounding great in the raw, we do need more editing and changes as we go through the mixing process to give this album the best overall sound possible.

We debuted a fair chunk of the songs like since 2020 and many will hear that this is a completely different direction from our previous releases and represents an overall change for the band which we have matched with our new stage aesthetics and our brand-new logo. The new album has a march harder edge than the previous and is an album more influenced by our Speed Metal origins as opposed to anything really rooted in the NWOBHM movement which we had moved towards during The Waystone period of the band.

That is not to say we have lost the melodic stuff at all, there is a ton of that on the new record, but the music overall and the subject matter is much more in alignment with what is happening in the world right now rather than being mostly influenced by the 1980’s. It is a Metal record, and if anything, our least mainstream sounding record, and probably our least NWOTHM sounding album and production, although it is not as modern influenced (or progressive) as the material on Crisis of Faith and a lot more refined than out debut release, I think the best way to summarize it is it is our heaviest and angriest release yet.  

Lyrically we have touched on everything from battling Alzheimer’s disease, the culture war, drug addiction to the decline of western civilization and the evils of greed right through to the negative impact the existing Governments over-building policies have had on our environment. It is a bit more relevant lyrically than our past records I would say, it may upset a few people, but we have tried to keep it as balanced as possible.  

While the album has been slow to put together, we have soldiered on with the 5 new songs for the Patreon 21’ EP having recorded the bulk of those and started rehearsals for the 22’ EP material, oh which the band has now learned 4 of the 5 songs on that release so substantial progress has been made. The 21’ EP was delayed due to Covid restrictions and the band having to focus on the new album release.  

The 21’ EP is most definitely much heavier than the new album in places, but also has the most diverse range of songs. It is influenced by Speed/Thrash/Death Metal but there’s also a Sabbath inspired track on there and a song mocking industry created “alternative” bands that have come straight off a production line but sold as an organic thing.  

Anyhow I thought I would issue this update on just where we are at with the 3 releases which we fully intend to get out this year. 


We are pleased to unveil our brand-new artwork, and album title, for the new Kaine record to be released later this year. The artwork is again by Silencer8 who has designed every one of the band’s album covers since the debut album in 2012.

After Extinction will include 9 brand new tracks written and performed by the same line-up which recorded 2019’s Reforge The Steel, the first time the same line-up has appeared on back-to-back releases from the band.  More details will be revealed at a later date.

Appearing on the record:

  • Rage Sadler: Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitars
  • Liam Etheridge: Drums and Backing Vocals
  • Toby Woods: Lead/Rhythm Guitars and Backing Vocals
  • Isaac Healy: Bass Guitar


  • Heidi Crowell: Keys and Synths
  • Talon Payne: Backing Vocals

Produced by:

  • Kaine with Wayne Thompson and Talon Payne
  • Recorded by: Wayne Thompson (Unit One Studio’s) and Talon Payne (Gallow Wood Media)


Last weeks rehearsals at Unit One

Last weekend we finished tracking all the vocals and vocal overdubs for the new Kaine album at Gallow Wood Media with Talon Payne. The remaining parts to be recorded are the keys from Heidi Crowell. The album is currently being edited and mixed behind the scenes and will be ready for release soon. Liam and Rage be discussing the songs on the album on the forthcoming Podcast episode.  


Last weeks sessions at Unit One

We will be returning to Gallow Wood Media, which is just outside of Great Dunmow, tomorrow to track what we hope will be the final backing vocals for the new Kaine album, as well as a few minor vocal overdubs. This will leave the album complete from a recording perspective. 

After these sessions we will then head over to Unit One in Colchester where we will continue to rehearse for our new EP recordings as well as our return to gigging in March.  


Kaine live last week at the B2, Norwich

I thought it would be a good time to give an update on where we are at with the new Kaine album. To provide a little context to where we are with the new record, we actually started writing some of the material way back in 2019, while we were working on Reforge The Steel. The intention was at that time to have the album written and recorded with a 2020 release. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 outbreak, any further writing and recording sessions were difficult as we went in and out of lockdown and restrictions and rules were constantly changing. We did our best with it and managed to finish most of the writing for the album earlier this year.  

The band at recent rehearsals

In May this year we started tracking the album at last, and we are close to completing tracking now. This is a very different album to Reforge The Steel, it has a lot more Thrash and Speed Metal influences on this record and a larger contribution from the other members of the band who have written many of the songs and lyrics for this record. Reforge The Steel was written almost immediately after A Crisis of Faith and is the closest thing to a solo album I have done, purely due to the fact the guys were new to the band, and we had to turn around a new album to relaunch the band as quickly as possible.  

Another thing we have bene juggling is a new EP for our Patreon subscribers. This will be a CD exclusive to those backing us on the platform for £3 or more. This is also delayed for the same reasons as the album, however we are making good progress and have rehearsed and worked on 4 of the 5 songs solidly over the past few weeks while also recording the new album and playing shows at The Smokehouse in Ipswich and the B2 in Norwich. The 5 EP songs are again very different from what’s on the album and represent a heavier direction for the band.  

Kaine at the Smokehouse, Ipswich

We have some backing vocals still to record for the new album, potentially a few vocal over dubs, we have keys being performed by a soon to be announced guest, and we still need to finalize artwork for the record but the bulk is recorded.  The album still needs to be mixed, but there has been a change in the production team for this record with Wayne Thompson (Unit One Studio’s) tracking and making edits to the album, Talon Payne (Gallow Wood Media) tracking the vocal element and done further edits to the existing instrumental takes to the record, with the overall production now being handled by myself. This has resulted in a different tone and sound from the past two releases. The change has come about by the previous producer now being out of the music business. It also made sense for the band to stay in Essex while COVID-19 was still a major issue, allowing us to minimalize the risk and travel during the period. 

The summarise, the album will be out in the new year along with the new EP shortly after. There will be no pre-order for this record.  

As ever, thank you for your continued support.




Kaine preparing for their B2 gig…

Kaine are continuing to track the new album vocals today with Gallow Wood Media. Nearly all the lead vocals for the album are completed with just one song remaining to be recorded, with some backing vocals still to be tracked and with additional keyboard parts to be added soon.

As ever the band will be rehearsing the new EP material in the evening at Unit One Studio’s in Colchester as the band looks to prepare to begin recording the new release as soon as possible. The rehearsals will conclude what will have been another busy weekend for the band, with a successful gig in Norwich on Friday night also having taken place.