Kaine completed the entirety of the recording for A Crisis of Faith, having finished yesterday at Pointy Halo Productions based out of Red Wall Studios in Bury, Greater Manchester. The band last week put down the final guitar, bass, percussive and vocal parts to complete the recording process while the team at Pointy Halo will move on to the editing, mixing and mastering phase of the record.

A Crisis of Faith has already sold over 100 copies, with the album available for just £3 on digital download or £8 for CD. A number of people have bought the “Elite” package which includes the CD, Vinyl, live album, “Ghost” edition, t-shirt, original EP, studio items, live performance and free gig passes for £125. This is impressive given the band is yet to release a single track from the new album.

Kaine returns to the road this weekend as guests of Neverworld at Club 85 in Hitchin on Saturday. Tickets are still available on the door from 7pm.

Click here to pre-order the album today.

Chris MacKinnon gets Signature Drumsticks from Pellwood

So as my very close friends will know, ever since I first picked up a pair of Joey Jordison signature sticks back when I was 12, I’ve wanted a Signature set of Drumsticks that are made by me, for me.

Well, thanks to Pellwood Drumsticks that dream is now a reality. Say hello to the Pellwood Chris MacKinnon 5A Nylon-tip sticks, now available through the Pellwood website.

Again, a truly enormous thank you to the magnificent Darren for walking me through everything and working through all the teething problems with me. You sir, are a legend 👍

If you fancy getting your hands on some, you can either buy them online or catch one as I drop it on stage. Whatever is easiest for you.

I hope you have a great day, I know I will!