Kaine line-up complete as Isaac Healy joins the band on bass guitar


The new Kaine line-up is complete as Isaac Healy joins the band on bass following a successful audition earlier today. The band will be issuing a full statement at a later date.

Bass auditions to begin Saturday


The auditioning process to replace Stephen Ellis on bass will begin on Saturday, and again will be taking part at Pioneer Music Studio, in Colchester.

The successful candidate will join Rage Sadler, Liam Etheridge and Toby Woods in the new line-up of Kaine.

Kaine to begin auditioning new guitar players today plus other announcements regarding upcoming dates


Kaine will be starting to audition new guitar players from tonight with a decision on the new lead guitarist to be made hopefully within the coming weeks. The auditions will again be taking place at Pioneer Music in Colchester. The band is still awaiting applications for the position of bass guitar to begin that process.

We have two announcements on further dates that our appearances in Slough for Mearfest and at Grand Central Manchester have been cancelled due to re-arrangements by the event organisers. We wish both events every success.

Kaine to begin auditioning potential new drummers tomorrow


The three remaining members of Kaine will begin their search for a new drummer tomorrow night as the auditioning process for a new drummer begins. The auditions will take place at Pioneer Music in Colchester.

If you are interested in trying out for the band, please get in touch on the bands facebook or by e-mailing bookings@kaine-metal.com.