We have added a number of made to order shirts and hoodies to our Bandcamp which will be drop shipped (free shipping in the UK) which include some of our original merch such as our first ever shirt design, the “Evil Eyes” Waystone shirt, both 2014 tour shirts, and the Quality of Madness shirt by Tom McGuire originally released for the Asylum venue in Chelmsford.

Two new pieces of merch are also available such as our first ever hoody (Reforge The Steel) and a yellow Neighbourhood Watch parody shirt featuring the band. You can order these from here.


This week we have released 3 exclusive live albums for our Bandcamp members which include 3 sets from our recent One-Eyed Toad Records tour alongside Neverworld and Planet Fatale. We have uploaded the Coda set, which features a one-night reunion with former guitarist Ant Murch, and our full sets from Cambridge and Hastings earlier this year. The sets also contain three new songs from the forthcoming album.

You can download all 3 albums here. Membership just cost £5 a year and includes a ton of exclusives and out-of-print releases as well as a 10% discount. As it’s Bandcamp Friday, anything ordered will result in 100% of the revenue going to the band.


Yesterday we ran a sale on our Bandcamp to coincide with their Bandcamp Friday campaign where artists keep 100% of the money from sales. We also sold off stock from for very low rates alongside the sale. The aim of this sale was to raise money for the printing of the new Kaine album in the coming months. We can confirm we had 41 sales raising £481 pounds. Unfortunately this was not enough to cover the cost of the first print run of the new album but will go a long way in helping the band afford the release of the new album.


We are launching our biggest ever sale and reductions on Bandcamp Friday, on February 4th 2022. As many will know, Bandcamp Friday allows bands to keep 100% of their earnings so we can afford to go outrageously low. The reason for this is we need to raise some income to help finish off the last of the album work, from the artwork to printing the CD’s at the highest standard available and so on. Over the past 2 years we have been unable to play shows regularly, and thus have sold significantly less merchandise during that period.

We will also be listing items for sale you wouldn’t otherwise expect us to list in order to generate as much income on the day as possible to go towards the launch of the Kaine 5th album. This sale will be for 24 hours only on the 4th of February, many of the items are limited stock items which will not be printed again. Our bandcamp members will get a further 10% off all orders. You can join our Bandcamp here. Along with the 10% discount, you also get access to every piece of music we have released as well as a ton of exclusives.

Click here and then “follow” to be notified about the sale.


The album, originally released in 2014 has sold out for the 4th and final time on CD with vinyl version having sold out a number of years ago. A full statement on how many copies were sold/streamed will be released at a later date. The Waystone is Kaine’s best selling album and best known for the lead single “Iron Lady”.

The 2020 version of Iron Lady

There will be no further print runs of this album, it has been removed from digital platforms and will become a Bandcamp Members only release which can be found here along with many other exclusives including the bands debut album Falling Through Freedom, which is also no longer available to buy. Some copies remain on re-sellers sites such as Discogs which can be found here.

The band re-recorded for of the songs from the album for a limited edition EP release which can still be bought on CD here. Less than a 100 copies remain to buy on CD. A handful of Waystone patches are also available to order here. Both of these were released to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of the original album.


If you order any merchandise from our Bandcamp today, we will keep 100% of the income as Bandcamp is again waiving their fees to help support artists during the COVID-19 pandemic. While we are not playing live, we’re not selling merch so if you are yet to order or own any of these items please click here to order now.

We have limited numbers of the following items:

The Waystone EP (100 CD’s), Reforge The Steel Live (47 CD’s), Kaine X (61 DVD’s), A Crisis of Faith UK (87 CD’s), A Crisis of Faith EU (6 CD’s), A Crisis of Faith Live (4 CD’s), The Waystone Album (4 CD’s), A Crisis of Faith T-Shirt (7 left), Kaine X T-Shirt (5 left) and The Waystone Patch (9 left).

Members get 10% off all merch.


The album has over 16,000 plays on NWOTHM Full Albums

There are only 5 copies remaining of Reforge The Steel available on CD. The album was released last October and is close to selling out for the first time. The album will not be printed in this format again, so if you wish to order one of the first prints of the album before they are gone for good please click here. The album will be reprinted in a different format for the second print run at a later date.

Stocks are also low for the following items which will not be printed again:

  • The Waystone Album CD – 14 copies remaining
  • A Crisis of Faith Album CD [EU Edition] – 8 copies remaining
  • A Crisis of Faith Live Album CD – 4 copies remaining
  • Reforge The Steel Live CD – 47 copies remaining
  • Kaine X Live DVD – 62 copies remaining
  • The Waystone Patch – 9 remaining
  • A Crisis of Faith T-Shirt – 7 remaining
  • Kaine X T-Shirt – 6 remaining

These can be ordered from here.


For today only we’re be doing both CD’s for just £15 with free shipping worldwide – so if you are yet to own our new album today is as good as time as any to order a copy! Click here to order now.

Reforged In Faith Album releasing Friday May 1st, 2020

Compilation Cover Art

We’ve decided to do something a bit different for the forthcoming Bandcamp sale and offer a unique compilation album for 1 day only for just £5 to try and encourage more people to buy the music and hear our most recent albums. Reforged In Faith is a digital only compilation album featuring a combination of tracks from A Crisis of Faith (2018) and Reforge The Steel (2019).

The compilation will go on sale on Friday, May 1st 2020. It will also be available to our members and in the full digital discography special price for that day. If you have not bought these albums previously this is an opportunity to own both in a unique compilation for a reduced price.

The artwork is taken from The Seventh Seal, a 1957 Swedish historical fantasy film written and directed by Ingmar Bergman on which the track A Night Meets Death is loosely based. Disillusioned knight Antonius Block and his cynical squire Jöns return from the Crusades to find the country ravaged by the plague. The knight encounters Death, whom he challenges to a chess match, believing he can survive as long as the game continues.

The album will be available to order from here as soon as it goes live.