Our website was viewed a record 14,373 times in 2022. This is the most the website has ever been viewed. The top page was the tour dates page, which received over 6,100 hits after the Lillian Axe/Riot Act tour announcement back in August. The most read piece was from just a few days ago, with over 500 people reading the article about Rock/Metal journalism.

Thanks to everyone who checked out our website in 2022 and helped us continue to grow!


Our website has broken its record number of visits this year with 11,680 people visiting the website. The previous record was set in 2018 during the release of A Crisis of Faith, in which 11,659 people visited the page, with most people checking in to see the updates regarding the changes to the bands line-up.

The record-breaking year in 2022 is off the back of year-on-year growth since the new line-up was introduced. We thank everyone who has checked out our website regularly, this helps us to continue to grow our online presence. This bucks a current trend, as fewer social media users viewing stand alone websites than ever.

Since 2019:

  • 2019: 4,791
  • 2020: 8,341
  • 2021: 9,995
  • 2022: 11,680

Kaine’s website recognized as one of top 60 Metal blogs in the world for 2019

Expertido have recognised Kaine’s website as one of the best Metal blogs in the world for 2019 and have been featured alongside industry giants such as Anthrax, Avenged Sevenfold, Decibel Magazine, TeamRock, Accept, Angry Metal Guy, Lamb of God, Metal Blade, Queensryche, Rage, Sabaton, Terrorizer and The Scorpions .

If you’re looking for the latest 2019 items in Musical Forms, we’ve analyzed over 256 to find those that would meet our requirements. Of those, only 64 passed our evaluation. Expertido heartily will recommend all the blogs listed below, as they have impressed our staff and met our golden seal of approval, which means they can use our seal free of charge permanently.

We look into many different characteristics other than appearance in social media and follower calculations, but this metric is an important one to think about. If we look solely on Facebook, you’ll find Metal Music Blogs blogs have an average of 595122. The best of the best in Metal Music Blogs, however, is the blog dabearsblog.com, coming in at 16579000 followers.

If we also consider Twitter, which is always a top choice for bloggers, the median follower count in the finest Metal Music Blogs blogs are about 81440. You’ll find that the top-rated blog is dabearsblog.com that has over 2091900 normal readers on Twitter.To synopsize this, we’ve made sure that the blogs we’ve endorsed are highly popular on social media and will continue to grow. Expertido sends these great blogs the best!