Our last rehearsal session featuring … Stevo!

The band took a break from writing and rehearsing last weekend however Rage and Toby met to run through two brand new songs Toby has written for the album last week. This week they will be back at Pioneer Music Studio as normal tomorrow to continue work on the new album.

In other news the UK has in effect going into a light lockdown for a further 6 months due to a new spike in COVID-19 cases following the easing of restrictions in the months previous. This will mean that the band will not be playing live again until well into 2021. There are now more reported new COVID cases than at the height of the pandemic back in May, so at this stage the band is not ruling out another full lockdown which may prevent them from rehearsing and writing again in the coming weeks.

The UK’s daily coronavirus death toll will rise from 34 to 100 a day in three to four weeks’ time, an expert on the government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) has warned.

All band activity suspended due to UK Lock down measures – Update

As we’ve had a few enquires as to where certain merch items are we thought it would be best to make a clear statement as to whats happening with the band during the Covid 19 lock down here in the UK.

  • All shows are cancelled unless stated otherwise by the venue
  • The Waystone EP recording is suspended due to the closure of the recording studios due to Covid 19
  • Rehearsals are also cancelled due to the studios being shut due to the Covid 19 lock down
  • Posting items is more difficult due to limited times and items being taken by the UK Post Office
  • New album writing rehearsals have also been suspended although we’re collaborating between ourselves from home working on songs for the new album

We are sorry for the delays and we’re doing our best. We’ll finish the EP and get the CD’s to you as soon as we can but the studios are simply closed at the moment and we cannot get in to finish recording it, let alone mix and master it. We’ve not even seen each other in person since March 13th 2020.

On items you have ordered some have been posted already but please bare with us on the delays – the Post Office is only working a small number of hours, has limited staff and will not always take our items as they are not a priority. You will get everything you have ordered ASAP. You will have digital copy’s of everything you have ordered to enjoy on the bandcamp app.

In the meantime please stay inside and stay safe,