A Crisis of Faith downloaded/streamed over 18,000 times since release


Since the albums release in February, A Crisis of Faith has accumulated a total of 18,049 streams and direct downloads across all platforms, such as Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Bandcamp and many more. The album has also sold out on CD once already and a release on vinyl is close to being ready. A limited “Ghost” version of the album also sold out within a few hours of its release in March.

Although the album has been successful digitally so far, due to the low payment share offered to bands for digital sales, this only represents a total of £355.83, which is why CD versions of the album include additional tracks as an incentive to buy the physical releases. You can order the album on CD here.

Changing the model – would you support a subscription service that gave you all our merch and physicals released… for free?


As you will have seen, we experimented with our pricing model in the run up to A Crisis of Faith, with offering digital downloads at just £3 and CD’s and shirts at just £13 combined (or just £8 for the CD alone). We recognise that fewer people are buying physical music such as CD’s, whether they just stream or download, and we know that we must change with the times to being able to survive in the market with so many bands out there vying for attention.

Now while this move proved popular, many people still preferred the physicals and to wait till the album was released to buy both the CD and the shirt. With this feedback in mind, we are now considering expanding our subscription service from just a digital download/10% discount to physicals as well.

What does this mean? We would effectively for a yearly price offer you all physical releases from your first subscription, such as new albums, EP’s, singles on CD and Vinyl and merch such as t-shirts as and when they come out for no extra charge.

That would mean for your yearly fee, for example you would get say our fourth album on CD/Vinyl, and the t-shirt when it comes out for no additional cost. You would get anything we released physically and digital for free that year, sent to you as soon as it was out.

Obviously offering this much merch a year comes at a cost to us, but the subscription would help keep the band on the road, in rehearsals and cover costs such as the website, promotion and more.

Attached is a survey asking you if firstly you would be interested in such a model, the pricing and please let us your thoughts moving forward in the comments section below.

Please click here to begin our survey.

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