Album 5 Art

Kaine have released an early image of artist Silencer 8’s work on the artwork for the new Kaine album. Silencer 8 has provided artwork for every Kaine album since the bands beginning all of which can be seen in the gallery below.


2022 EP

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the bands debut album Falling Through Freedom, Kaine will be releasing the album as a four disc set later this year.

1 disc will contain the original album, 1 disc will contain the remastered album, both CD’s of which are currently out of print and reach a high price on resellers sites, 1 disc will contain the full instrumental album which has never been released on CD before and the 4th and final disc will be a brand new EP recorded by the current line-up which will include two songs from the original album a 3 songs that didn’t make the original album.

Alongside the 4 disc set, there will be a t-shirt and patch released to celebrate the 10 years since the release of the debut album.

The package with the CD’s can be ordered here for £3, or to receive just the shirt/patch you can order these for just £1 here. These will not be on general sale and will be made to order, so otherwise unavailable outside of this package.


Kaine’s debut album is now available in instrumental format on Bandcamp. You can download the album or stream from the members app here.

The album was written by the bands original line-up and recording originally began in 2011 before finally being released in mid 2012 with the Rage Sadler/Dan Mailer/Josh Moreton/Anthony Murch line-up performing the tracks.


Falling Through Freedom

Kaine’s debut album Falling Through Freedom, originally recorded in 2011-12 and released in 2012 with a remastered version being released in 2017 has sold out again on CD. The album was recorded and produced by Ade Hare of Threecircles Recording Studio and is the bands only release to feature the line-up of Rage Sadler guitars/vocals, Dan Mailer bass/vocals, Josh Moreton drums and Anthony Murch on lead guitar. Ant Murch joined the band during the recording process of the album.

The albums most popular songs are Lost Sage’s Tower, Helpless Salvation, Waking Dead, Valnir and Quality of Madness which were a staple of the bands set for many years following the albums release. The album, although not critically acclaimed upon release helped launch of the band from relative obscurity to one that was regular booked on the British underground circuit and helped laid the foundations leading to 2014’s The Waystone.

Now the album has sold out on CD the album will officially go off sale and will not having further prints on CD, the digital version of the album will be members only in future.

Many thanks to everyone who has bought a copy of the album on CD since it’s original 2012 release. Kaine will celebrate 10 years of being a band on April 27th, 2019, and appearing will be Josh Moreton from Falling Through Freedom with his new band A Bribe for the Ferryman. Tickets for the show are available from the Arts Centre website.



Dan Mailer, who helped found Kaine back in 2009 as the bands original bassist and co-vocalist will be rejoining the band on stage at it’s tenth anniversary show next April.

While in the band he released two studio albums, performed on a live album and featured on the band’s first two major tours, one of which being a Britain and Ireland tour alongside American Thrash Metal legends Mordred, and Wildfire Festival where Kaine played alongside Diamond Head, Lawnmower Death, Tygers of Pan Tang, Holocaust among many others. He also had the honour of replacing former Bruce Dickinson bass player Chris Dale, while stepping in to play bass with Monument on the 2014 Monument tour.

The Waystone, still the bands most critically and commercially successful album to date, was largely due to Dan’s contributions to the album and the overall songwriting process, which also saw the band briefly signed and professionally managed.

He has since played bass in bands such as Deep Machine, Daemona, Gabriel and Elimination as well as releasing his first solo EP, Introspectrum, and recently he has become the vocalist for long standing Heavy Metal revivalists and good friends of Kaine, Osmium Guillotine.

To buy tickets to the 10 year show please click here.

Falling Through Freedom – Remastered Album Pre-Order Launched


The remastered version of Falling Through Freedom can now be pre-ordered on CD from the following link. The pre-order price is just £8.00 and includes a digital copy of the original album which will only be available until the remaster is released. Once the album is released this will increase to £10.

The album was originally recorded between the summer of 2011 and early part of 2012 with the music written in 2009 and 10. It was the first full length album from Kaine and helped the band launch themselves, having sold out of the original 200 copies since it’s initial release. Rage Sadler will return to the studio next week to continue work on the album, before it’s given a full remix and re-master ahead of it’s release.

Please click here if you wish to pre-order the album on CD, the first run of these will be limited to just 100 copies.