Kaine will again be back at Unit One next month to begin tracking the guitars and bass for the new album. The drums are still being worked on however good progress has been made with the new record.

We can also confirm that the bands Swansea show at Hanger 18 will be re-arranged. Presently the Welsh Governments restrictions are not enabling live music to come back unrestricted and the venue couldn’t have afforded to do the show with the limits on numbers at the venue in place. Hanger 18 were however happy with all the hard work done to promote the show and are keen to reschedule as soon as possible.

Kaine will be back at rehearsals today in Unit One.

Kaine to play Wales for the 1st time on Saturday


Kaine will be playing their first show in Wales this Saturday at The Patriot in Crumlin. The show is free entry and the band start their set at 4:30pm. Also on the bill are New Wave of British Heavy Metal legends Sacrilege. The show is part of a weekends worth of live music to celebrate 19 years of The Patriot as the home of Rock in Wales which kicks off on Friday.


After Saturday Kaine will have finally played all of the Home Nations of the United Kingdom and Ireland, having played England, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

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