“What a weekend that was. I have been running on fumes all day and had less than a standard night’s sleep in the space of 2 days (probably about 5 hours sleep total), but this weekend was the best one I’ve had since the beginning of 2020, before the world came crashing down! Recording was very smooth, and I managed to get all my stuff done with plenty of time to spare. I feel like I pushed myself way harder than I ever have in any performance, and the new songs that we have are gonna be a bitch to replicate live 😂 but it’s worth it, it’s easily the best album Kaine has ever done and I’m really proud of all the stuff we’ve written.

The gig was definitely needed, my god it felt good to be back on stage again. It was the first time I’ve seen a lot of our crowd of hooligans in well over a year, and it was like we never left! I never thought I could miss the arseache of loading in and packing up, or sweating like a motherfucker on stage! Even the first gig beer tasted better than ever. It was bizarre having everyone sat down, but hopefully that will go away as planned by the time our next one comes around, then it’ll be a true comeback!”

Liam Etheridge finished tracking the drums to the new Kaine album this weekend. The bands 5th album contains 9 brand new songs, a number of which saw their live debut at The Music Room, Ipswich on Saturday. Engineer Wayne Thompson will now be editing the drums in the coming weeks as the band looks forward to the tracking of the guitar and bass as soon as possible.


Last weeks sessions

The band will not be rehearsing this weekend due to the Christmas break but will return to work on the new album shortly after. The new album writing sessions had to be postponed earlier this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. After the rehearsal on March 13th the band was unable to work on the new album until the 9th of August when rehearsal became legal again in the UK. This has held up the writing/release of the new album which was due to be released later this year.


Last weeks work on the new album

The band will again be returning to Pioneer Music Studio to continue wring and rehearsals on their new album. As of last week Kaine were up to their 8th song for the new record with more in the pipeline. You can watch the session above on YouTube.

Rehearsal Footage and New Album Writing Sessions now on YouTube

Footage from our rehearsals and writing session from Friday at Pioneer Music, Colchester is now online on YouTube.