Hosted by Alex Odinson (of Alex Odinson Rockshow fame) there will be a new regular podcast, dubbed the KaineKast covering a range of topics and the band going out weekly with the first two episodes already available on the link above. The show is for mature audiences and may not be suitable for younger listeners.


Last weeks session at Pioneer Music

Today the band returns to writing and rehearsing for the new album at Pioneer Music in Colchester. Kaine is currently working on the follow up to Reforge The Steel, as well as getting themselves gig ready for when live music returns in full in the UK. You can see some highlights from last weeks session above.


If you have caught Toby’s YouTube channel recently, you would have noticed he has been recently uploading performances of his favourite songs onto the platform. So far he’s covered Sabaton, The Darkness, Megadeth and Ozzy Osbourne (above), with his cover of Bark at the Moon now breaking 2000 views.

He’s also recorded himself playing a number of Kaine songs, and songs from his previous bands Cannon. Check out his channel and like/subscribe.

AHM Music Guitar Playthrough for Iron Lady

Anthony Murch (Guitarist for The Rock Dinosaurs and It’s Not A Phase Mum) has done a play through on his new YouTube channel AHM Music of the song Iron Lady from the 2014 album The Waystone.

Anthony Murch was the lead guitarist in Kaine from 2012 to 2015 performing on the Falling Through Freedom and The Waystone albums. He has since appeared as a guest on stage with the band and a guest solo for the single version of Black on Reforge The Steel.

REFORGE THE STEEL – Availability and Where To Find Online

We’ve recently experienced a spike in people being able to see and interact with our posts across social media so we thought it would be a good time to remind people about our new album Reforge The Steel and where you can by the CD and listen to the new album.

Bandcamp [CD and Digital Download]



Google Play




Rehearsal Footage and New Album Writing Sessions now on YouTube

Footage from our rehearsals and writing session from Friday at Pioneer Music, Colchester is now online on YouTube.

Kaine breaks 5,500 views for A Crisis of Faith on YouTube!

The bands official upload of the album has now broken 5,500 views on YouTube since it was released in February. We thank everyone who has checked the album out there so far, and to those who have shared and supported the album since it’s release.

You can listen to the album on various formats below (and more!), and purchase the album for £3 on bandcamp.

Bandcamp https://goo.gl/9kNUCk
Spotify https://goo.gl/UV87jT
iTunes https://goo.gl/XjDkQQ
Apple Music https://goo.gl/mLvjHb
Google Play Music https://goo.gl/mM454T
Amazon.com https://goo.gl/fSRQME
YouTube https://goo.gl/JCuGhN
Facebook https://goo.gl/GRDwMW


Are you seeing our posts on Social Media?

When we post on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are you seeing our posts? We are just asking the question to see what % of our likes and follows actually ever see what we post. Over the last 9 years we have invested a lot of time and effort into our social media presence and we’re constantly looking at ways of improving our reach and engagement.

If you regularly see our posts on the above accounts please let us know using the contact form attached below.

Entering the YouTube age…


So, we’ve finally decided to enter the YouTube age in full with our first Vlog below!


Please remember to subscribe to the channel and like the video!

Kaine & Facebook – Alternative Social Media



Recent changes to facebook has made it even harder to reach our fans with posts generally reaching just 100 people or under. These changes are making it increasingly harder to communicate with our fanbase.

In addition to restricting our facebook posts to only a small number of people, the cost of paying to promote our posts (which is the only way to guarantee any number of people will see our page) is increasing significantly with even fewer people seeing our adverts than ever before for the money we are paying out. The number of legitimate facebook users seeing adverts is also becoming a real issue, with many fake profiles on the system driving up the costs for no benefit to the band. This isn’t likely to change as facebook relies on its advertising income to continue operating the service and we accept this.

Kaine has ever present on social media since it’s inception, but facebook’s new business model is now hindering our ability to communicate with existing fans and to promote our music to new people and with this in mind we will be maximizing our use of alternate social media platforms. If you wish to keep up to date with what we are doing please follow us on twitter by clicking here, joining our mailing list by clicking here or using the contact form below. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel here. Please also bookmark this website.

We would also encourage promoters and venues to use alternative means to promote shows, as by posting on your page generally won’t be seen without targeted and paid for promotion. Timeline posts or posts or in various facebook groups will not been seen by many users, so please bare this in mind. Facebook invites to events don’t always show up for users so to ensure you reach as many people as possible you must either pay to promote the show and use alternate means as we do. You cannot blame the bands on the bill for a low turnout if you fail to recognise and address this.