Kaine Guitar Trio now officially endorsed by Blackstar Amplification



Kaine guitarists Rage Sadler, Anthony Murch and Saxon Davids are pleased to announce that they are now endorsed by Blackstar Amplification.The band has already had a busy January having signed with Adixtion Music and Revival Metal Records (part of Revival Music Group) earlier in the month. The band is excited to be working with Blackstar who have supplied the band with three HT-Metal 100 Heads and three Series One 212 cabs.

Rage Sadler: “We are very happy about working with Blackstar from this point forward. It says a lot about the direction of Kaine is now headed to be endorsed by such a well-respected and established brand. I am looking forward to taking our new heads and cabs on the road.”

Anthony Murch added: “I am really pleased with making the switch the Blackstar. The amps have beautiful shimmering clean sounds and tight, big distortion tones with great clarity, I fell in love with this amp as soon as I heard it!”

Saxon Davids also commented: “I’m excited to be working with Blackstar as an endorsee. The Blackstar HT metal 100 perfectly fits my needs for crushing distortion as well as beautiful clean tones, any Metal player will find this model a blessing to have in their back line.”

James Evans from Blackstar Amplification said: “We welcome Kaine into Blackstar’s list of prestigious artists”

The band will be using the new Blackstar HT 100 Heads and Series One 212 cabs for the first time at their show at the Carlisle in Hastings this Saturday.

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