Kaine Nominated for Best British Band at 2015 TBFM Awards

Kaine have been nominated for a number of categories for this year’s TBFM Awards. Rage Sadler has been nominated for the best singer award while the band has been nominated for Best British Band for 2015 and their performance at Wildfire Festival in Scotland earlier this year.

Also nominated was Wildfire Festival as best Independent Festival for 2015 and Dean Archer for his work at the Rock Den as best Independent Promoter, Kaine of course a regular band at his venue and will be the resident band there for 2016.

Kaine asks that you vote for the following nominations in the following categories;

Best British Band 2015: Kaine
Best Performance in 2015: Kaine at Wildfire Festival 2015
Best Singer: Rage Sadler
Best Independent Promoter: Dean Archer (The Rock Den)
Best Independent Festival: Wildfire Festival 2015

The voting begins this Thursday at 6pm and will close on the 6th of December. You will be able to vote at the following link.

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