Kaine make it into final 100 bands for TBFM Factor


Kaine have been selected by TBFM judges out of 400 bands to make the final 100 in their biannual TBFM Factor competition. The competition itself acts as a virtual Battle of the Bands with the winners being chosen by fan votes.

Band frontman Rage Sadler commented: “It’s an honour just to be nominated for the final 100 bands by TBFM and an excellent way to kick off 2016. If our loyal and dedicated supporters vote then who knows, much like with the TBFM Awards Nominations we may do very well.”

The aim of the competition is to promote all of the bands involved to a wider audience as well as offering a number of prizes to the top 10 bands which range from the following;

  1. A 6 month TBFM Management contract offer 
  2. Front cover and 4 page feature in the June 2016 edition of the TBFM Magazine
  3. A full website design/re-design package worth up to £1,000
  4. A lyric/animated video from an award winning animator worth up to £350
  5. A 3 month PR package from Stampede Press
  6. 12 month Ernie Ball guitar strings endorsement worth over £1,000
  7. A paid gig at Resin Events venue – The Firebug, Leicester 
  8. A 3-4 gig tour with Lost Island Bookings (paid)
  9. Interview in TBFM Magazine
  10. 3 month PR package from Down The Rabbit Hole PR
  11. 3 months free advertising on TBFM Website
  12. Paid gig offers from Resin Events (based in Leicester)
  13. Featured in the TBFM Magazine
  14. A press release to all major media outlets promoting the bands

Voting will begin from the 31st of January and will take place on http://tbfmonline.co.uk/tbfmfactor/#_