Kaine: Back to the start in 2016


Kaine frontman and founder Rage Sadler recently posted on the band forum about his rebuilding project for Kaine in 2016 targeting venues up and down the country as well as achieving festival bookings and approaching record labels.  To read the post please click here.

Kaine drops Adixtion Music as Booking Agent due to issues over bookings


Kaine has dropped Adixtion as their booking agent after only two months. This is due to Adixtion booking Kaine to play a number of shows at the Fiddlers Elbow in Camden (London) that didn’t have confirmation with the venue. The venue stated: “No gigs have been confirmed with Adixtion as yet, as they never came to the meeting.”

This is despite Kaine confirming and agreeing the dates with Adixtion prior to announcing them. The following shows will now be cancelled:

  • May 22nd, 2015 – Fiddlers Elbow, Camden, London
  • July 31st, 2015 – Fiddlers Elbow, Camden, London
  • August 30th 2015 – MK Rock & Metal Festival, Milton Keynes Bowl, Milton Keynes
  • September 11th, 2015 – Fiddlers Elbow, Camden, London
  • October 10th, 2015 – Fiddlers Elbow, Camden, London
  • November 14th, 2015 – Fiddlers Elbow, Camden, London
  • December 12th, 2015 – Fiddlers Elbow, Camden, London

If the band hadn’t followed this up with the venue they would have made the trip to the first show advertised to find this wasn’t going ahead and would have lost money on the journey to the venue. The band is disappointed that Adixtion didn’t follow this up with the venue or have the courtesy to inform the band these dates were not confirmed before they were advertised.

This incident follows on from Kaine being booked by Adixtion to play the MK Rock & Metal Festival at the Milton Keynes Bowl (on August 30th) which was supposedly alongside the likes of Motorhead, Slash and many more named acts. The press conference which was allegedly with MTV was cancelled earlier this month and it was revealed that the venue hadn’t actually been secured for the show prior to the bookings being made. A number of the headline bands then started advertising shows on that same date which suggests they were not booked for the show either. No further announcement was made about the event until Kaine pressed them today and they confirmed this festival wouldn’t be going ahead.

Rage Sadler said: “It is with great disappointment that we are being forced to drop Adixtion as our booking agent. This is due to the unprofessional manner in which the Fiddlers Elbow gigs were handled. It seems like we go through one thing after another of late and we wish people were just straightforward with us. We shouldn’t have been offered any dates until they were confirmed with the venue. We would have lost money travelling to the first show to find it wasn’t going ahead as well as having to inform those who came to watch us that we would not be playing that night. It’s something I find totally unacceptable and we will simply not work with people like this. Our reputation is everything, we work hard and we attend every show we are booked to play. We expect to be treated a lot better than we have by Adixition. I would advise all the bands on their roster to check their bookings with the venues before travelling to the gigs.”

Nige Murrells from Adixtion responded by attacking the band saying that; “and Now I see what your about and what i’ve been told about you that I waved away as rumours are actually true. Reckon you’re gonna need a lot of luck.”

Kaine will not be seeking to find a new Booking Agent in the immediate future and will continue to book their own shows.

Kaine Guitar Trio now officially endorsed by Blackstar Amplification



Kaine guitarists Rage Sadler, Anthony Murch and Saxon Davids are pleased to announce that they are now endorsed by Blackstar Amplification.The band has already had a busy January having signed with Adixtion Music and Revival Metal Records (part of Revival Music Group) earlier in the month. The band is excited to be working with Blackstar who have supplied the band with three HT-Metal 100 Heads and three Series One 212 cabs.

Rage Sadler: “We are very happy about working with Blackstar from this point forward. It says a lot about the direction of Kaine is now headed to be endorsed by such a well-respected and established brand. I am looking forward to taking our new heads and cabs on the road.”

Anthony Murch added: “I am really pleased with making the switch the Blackstar. The amps have beautiful shimmering clean sounds and tight, big distortion tones with great clarity, I fell in love with this amp as soon as I heard it!”

Saxon Davids also commented: “I’m excited to be working with Blackstar as an endorsee. The Blackstar HT metal 100 perfectly fits my needs for crushing distortion as well as beautiful clean tones, any Metal player will find this model a blessing to have in their back line.”

James Evans from Blackstar Amplification said: “We welcome Kaine into Blackstar’s list of prestigious artists”

The band will be using the new Blackstar HT 100 Heads and Series One 212 cabs for the first time at their show at the Carlisle in Hastings this Saturday.

Kaine signs with Adixtion Music Group


Kaine have officially signed with Adixtion Music, who will act as the bands official booking agents from this point forward in 2015. Adixtion Music was set up in September 2011 as part of Adixtion Entertainments progress into other areas of the entertainment industry. The Adixtion Music team realising the changes effecting the music industry, the team have developed a tried and tested programme of taking unknown artists and developing them into Artists ready to be taken seriously by the Major Labels.

Rage Sadler said; “We are very excited about starting the year off being signed to Adixtion Music Group. We look forward to working with Nigel and his team and hopefully form a successful partnership. The deal came about as a result of us supporting Deep Machine at the Rock Den a month or so back, so I would like to thank the guys in Deep Machine for putting us in touch with Adixtion and enabling this to happen and to Dean at the Rock Den for booking us that night which lead to this! We are looking forward to achieving even more this year.”

This is the first of a number of announcements to be made by Kaine as the band starts 2015 looking to progress on what the band achieved in 2014. For more information visit Adixtion‘s official website.