Revisiting The Waystone – Part 1

Rage on tour to promote The Waystone in 2014

Rage Sadler on tour to promote The Waystone in 2014

It may seem a little strange for us to revisit The Waystone while we are working on the new album. I got the idea to revisit the album this week when yet another good review surfaced, from February this year! Metalhorizons wrote about the album and how they were surprised to have missed the record. Now many people in our small circle know the album but the reality is outside of that very few people know anything about the record, or Kaine as a band.

The Waystone as it stands has sold nearly 500 copies over three different formats, which may not be many for say Metallica but for a small, almost regional underground Metal band I would say that’s a huge achievement. There’s still a way to go with the album, our target when we first brought it out was to break even on the record and we are just over halfway there. In recent weeks we haven’t sold as many at our live shows and online as we hoped, so part of revisiting the album this week is to draw attention to it once again and hopefully encourage few more people to buy it.

So how did The Waystone begin? Despite the album coming out in August 2014, the work on the second Kaine album actually started in 2012 when Anthony Murch (lead guitar 2012-15) first joined the band, months before our release of Falling Through Freedom. We had already started writing at that stage and between us we probably had over 10 songs. Only five of these ever ended up being released, of which four are on The Waystone but in some cases in a different format from the original versions. These were Entropy, which was actually written by the original line up (with Elliot Jackson, Lead Guitar 2009-10) and what became Iron Lady, Resistance and The New Wave. I had also written what would become Justice Injustice in 2011, actually as we were leading up to Falling Through Freedom but it never made the record and was released as a single on it’s own in 2015.

So why the change? What happened to those other songs? Prior to us releasing Falling Through Freedom, our drummer at that time Josh Moreton (2010-12) decided he wanted to do something else musically and informed us he would be leaving the band after he had finished all of his remaining dates which took him up until November of 2012. We didn’t rehearse as a band in that period which gave myself and Dan Mailer (bassist/vocals for Kaine 2009-15) a lot of time on our hands. So we rearranged a number of the songs we already had and decided to take Kaine in a different musical direction. I and Dan had been living together for about a year around that time anyway so it meant we had a very close working relationship. Kaine was always influenced by Thrash Metal, and we kind of slotted into that scene in the beginning but that scene was dying and dying rapidly in the U.K. However we never were really a Thrash band, we just sounded too distinctly British and NWOBHM. Thrash is an influence for us, and still is but it’s not what we are. I and Dan listen to a lot of old school straight up Rock and Metal, with Dan also having a lot of progressive leanings so it seemed logical to follow those influences moving forward as opposed to the Thrash thing. We didn’t alter the formulae too radically but we did clean up the vocals, focussing on choruses and melody that would hook the listeners in as opposed to say stuff like Waking Dead and Valnir from our first record.

Here are some of the surviving demos from those sessions. As you can hear there was further changes still to come to the songs before we finally recorded them.

I am still pleased with my solo on Resistance on this demo version! Please bare in mind the tracks are in their rawest form here and are not of professional studio quality.

So I and Dan basically laid down what would be the blueprint for the new album and had a number of writing/demoing sessions to flesh out how we saw the record going. Anthony also started contributing his bits both in terms of songs and riffs to the band at this stage and he had only been with us since that January. Chris joined the band prior to Josh officially leaving, so our immediate priority with him was to teach him the set and work with him in the band. He was only 17 at the time and had been playing primarily funk and covers. He had the hardest part of playing catch-up as we had been a band three years already prior to him joining. I actually thought he was 20!

The first of the new songs I and Dan had written together that we did with the new line-up was Iron Lady. Anthony actually wrote the intro to that track but it wasn’t originally intended for that song. I had heard it and thought it was a perfect fit, and helped launch the sound of what we wanted that album to be. The main chorus riff and lead guitar parts were written by Dan, when he first played them I was having a piss in my bog down the hall. Dan was working at his computer which he had set up in my bedroom so when I finished up, I ran into the room and basically said we must use that! I immediately wrote the chorus lyrics and melody to it as they popped into my head while Dan was demoing the guitars for that section of the song.

So those were the humble beginnings of The Waystone. I will write more about how we got to the rest of it, management, record labels and tours over the week. In the meantime support the band by buying the album here.

Love, Rage

Wanderer from The Waystone, uploaded on YouTube today

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