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A Crisis of Faith is being re-released in Europe with brand new artwork on CD by Underground Power Records in Germany. The artwork is exclusive to this release, and we have a limited number of these to sell in the U.K.

If you wish to get ahold of the CD with the exclusive artwork click the link below, however once they are gone, they are gone for good. CD’s can be signed on request and each purchase online comes with the digital album for free, plus for every additional order you get free shipping. Members get 10% off all CD orders on our bandcamp.

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Entering the YouTube age…


So, we’ve finally decided to enter the YouTube age in full with our first Vlog below!


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Closing in on A Crisis…


The album is now in the very final stages of mixing and mastering ready for release. As of today the £13 CD/Shirt pre-order has now been taken down as the shirts are soon to be available on general sale. Thanks to everyone who took advantage of the discounted price, as these early sales helped fund the album recording.

The band issued the following statement on social media earlier today..

We’ve been busy working on the mixes of A Crisis of Faith alongside Pointy Halo Productions and we can confirm we are close to a release.
We return to the road next week with the following shows..
Saturday, February 3rd – B2 VENUE NORWICH
Sunday, February 4th – The Horn, Saint Albans
We hope to see you at those shows, if your coming please let us know below and thanks for the continued support.

The new shirts will be available to purchase online in the coming weeks in a variety of sizes.


It recently dawned on me that the band has now been in existence 9 years in one shape or form, so I thought I would cover some of our earlier days that are unknown now to the bulk of people who follow us.


The earliest formation of Kaine occurred when I met Elliot Jackson. Ell, originally from Essex like myself, was living in Peterborough at the time and I had made contact with him online originally about playing bass in a band. I travelled up on the train and we had a jam, he was a good bass player but when he started playing guitar it was pretty obvious that he was light-years ahead of me as a player. I asked him he would be interested in doing lead guitar instead which he agreed and over the next few months we started putting some of the earliest Kaine songs together.

The first two we worked on were Lies of the Forsaken, the music was written by Elliot and Violent Metal which was mostly from an idea I originally had. Ell had a very good knowledge of song writing and music theory and that’s where the nucleolus of what became the early Kaine sound came from. The core being the rhythm guitar holding the riffs while there would be classic Metal inspired leads over the top. We also worked on two other songs in this period, one called Greed which was dropped and another called Lost Sage’s Tower.

Throughout this period we started audition bass players and drummers. We had a number of people try out over the coming months, and we quickly realised how much hard work this would be as many people were not committed, no showed or were outright problematic. We had one guy descale Elliot’s kettle at 5am for no reason, another showed up beaten up having not paid his drug dealer the morning before. It was getting pretty desperate.


We did eventually find someone for the role of bass, from about 5 minutes away from Elliot’s house in Bretton, Peterborough. He was constantly online looking for members for his band, so I dropped him a line. He was a guitar player at the time but had started to play bass, he had similar influences to me and was keen to get going. This young lad was Dan Mailer, who joined the band after our first rehearsal together who was new to bass and music at the time but had the dedication to actually make a band work, and as many people knew he was with Kaine up until the middle of 2015 when he left to explore other opportunities.


The next job was finding a drummer, and again this was a challenge. We rehearsed with a number of people but nothing worked out as we geared up to work on our debut E.P. In this time Helpless Salvation and Entropy were started to be written and rehearsed.


It wouldn’t be until 2010 when we found a drummer that was good enough to player the material and whose ambitions aligned with our own to form and make a success of a band. Again, tirelessly searching the internet I was able to find a drummer from not far from me, in the village of Stebbing near Great Dunmow by the name of Josh Moreton. He was a very impressive drummer, and equally wanted a direct hand in the song writing of the band, something we were very keen on.

Now with a full line up, we worked on recording our first E.P. at home and finding our first gigs. It was around this time we moved from rehearsing in Elliot’s shed to South View Studios in Peterborough. We also decided on a name, Event Horizon. We started promoting ourselves under that name until some European label contacted us and asked us to change it as one of their acts were already using it. I then suggested Kaine, which was the only name that found mutual agreement and that’s what we have been called ever since.


We had put together Lies of the Forsaken, Violent Metal, Entropy, Helpless Salvation and For Whom The Bell Tolls, a Metallica cover for our E.P. and had started working on Valnir and Champion around this time, which would eventually end up on our first album. Sadly we were very unwise to the business at this stage and didn’t realise that a DIY E.P would fall on deaf ears when it came to being signed, but we sent it to all possible labels regardless. We only received one response, from Nuclear Blast thanking us for our submission but they wouldn’t be interested in signing us to the label. The E.P. would eventually be signed to Halstead based label Specky Records and distributed online.

Once we released the E.P., the harsh reality of being an unknown band kicked in. We couldn’t give the things away, and promoters were similarly unimpressed with very few wanting to book us on the strength of that E.P. so finding shows was incredibly hard. I still have most of them stored away at home. We continued to rehearse and work on new material, some songs such as Jaws of the Demon and Light & Fantasy written around this time never saw the light of day.


After me nagging Club Revolution in Peterborough for months on end, we finally managed to get a show booked as support in September. It was Elephant vs. Leopards final show in the City, which we agreed. Sadly the booking of this show would spell the end for the original line-up and Elliot at this time decided he didn’t want to continue and left the band, leaving us to play our debut show as a three piece. The show itself was interesting, the sound was absolutely awful and instead of mixing us the soundman was at the bar getting a drink, so we started our first set with no lead vocal microphone for most of the songs. He also put a ton of delay on my guitar for no reason, and the whole thing sounded a mess. The audience, which clinged to the back of the room in fear, watched on in horror as we stormed through our set of classic Metal style songs, drowned in delay with only Dan’s angry backing vocals audible, deep into the era of Metalcore. It as was far removed from a triumphant return to old school Heavy Metal you could get.

We left the stage, watched the other bands entertain the audience and excited the venue with our tails between our legs wondering what would be next for Kaine. Josh also had a stand stolen for his trouble…

Love, Rage



2017 started off greatly optimistic, the band in the new format had been together a year and we were planning to release an album later in the year, and while the big time hadn’t come calling in 2016 we were hopeful with the new line-up and album we could make huge strides forward in 2017.

Our first show of the year was at the B2 in Norwich, which was quickly followed by an intimate show at Sound Academy in Braintree. For those who do not know what Sound Academy is, it’s free music lessons and workshops for young people held at Braintree Foyer and it was really good to play there and meet with them there after our set.

We re-released Falling Through Freedom in a remastered format. It’s since nearly gone on to sell out again on CD. It will remain to be seen if we have another run of these CD’s done but it was fun to revisit that album, and we played some of it with both Josh Moreton and Anthony Murch who appeared on the original album in 2012 at a special show in support of Elimination’s 10 year anniversary at The Smokehouse, Ipswich in May.

Throughout the year we played bimonthly Metal shows at the Asylum in Chelmsford. The idea behind these shows would be ourselves headlining but the bands underneath us would change every show, and these would be a mixture of genres, a successful system we had promoted before out of the Soundhouse in Colchester before the new owners there came in and ended the shows. We were primarily running the shows, which were free entry, to help support the Asylum venue and keep it open in Chelmsford. The shows there were a success and every night we had was well attended, but sadly we were unable to keep the venue going with these shows alone and they closed before our final show there in December.


Other notable shows through the year were headlining a show with V1, which features Dennis Wilcock and Terry Wapram both formerly of Iron Maiden which James Balcombe joined us on drums for, Breaking Bands where we played the outside tent to an enthusiastic audience, many of which also saw us at Mearfest later that year as part of The Rock Den travelling group, who not only support those events in Hatfield but travel all over supporting gigs up and down the country.

In addition to having the honour of playing a show with ex-Maiden members, we also did a number of gigs at the Cart & Horses in Stratford throughout the year.

We recorded a live album at the Asylum earlier last year which will also be released later this year, which features the new album played in its entirety and two additional tracks featuring Dan Mailer on Vocals and a one-off appearance for Josh Moreton on drums which will be a very special release.


In March we parted ways with our management, Distilled Entertainment in America. This was a mutual decision as we simply couldn’t afford to progress the band in the way they wanted, which was essentially to buy onto a bigger bands tour, which would have both cost us a large amount of money in terms of the buy on but the addition costs of renting vehicles, fuel, food and board while on the road, with even in some cases just a doors slot for our trouble. We would have had to have taken time off of work to have done it, and possibly take unpaid leave and having toured in the past we knew the payback from the tour itself wouldn’t have amounted to the losses we would have made on the road.

We had also hoped to return to Scotland for the fourth year running but sadly we couldn’t find any festival or promoter who would book us up there this time, so we have made sure that in 2018 we will return and have booked two shows in August which will feature Scotland’s very own Midnight Force and special guests on the Glasgow date will be our very good friends, and one of England’s leading progressive rock outfits Twisted Illusion.

So while we didn’t get picked up (again..) by any of the medium and major festivals in the U.K. or Europe we did play 33 shows total right across England.

On the album, we first entered into the studio in June and finished recording in September. We decided to use Pointy Halo Productions (Carl Brewer and Sheldon James) based at Red Wall Studios in Bury, Greater Manchester after Stephen Ellis had worked with them while recording bass for Twisted Illusion’s Insight to the Mind of a Million Faces. We liked how the record sounded and Stephen believed that Carl could get our next record sounding the way we wanted with the new direction of the band.


The album is still being mixed and mastered, the delay coming due to the studio being very busy towards the end of the year and the Christmas/New Year period. However significant progress has been made in the last few weeks and we expect a release very soon.

One highlight from the studio wasn’t even music related. Chris, who is somewhat bothered by the paranormal decided that while in the studio rather than face the ghost sober he would get blind drunk. The end result was he ended up sleepwalking all over the studio, and at one point decided to take a piss all over one of the sofas, which is amusing enough but it was caught on CCTV for everyone in the studio to enjoy later that day.


We also ended up staying in a low budget hotel and we’d brought some video cameras along to film our studio progress and the people the hotel in Salford assumed we where there for “the usual”. When we saw the room, it was odd to begin with, one of the beds was sunk in one side and the shower head was covered in pubic hair. After returning from the studio for the second night, the room was still in a state so we decided to ask for housekeeping. We were then informed that it’s only ever a request to have the room cleaned and they assumed we were there to make pornography. That being the usual. This is why we don’t have a DVD.

Working with Carl and Sheldon was fantastic, they were very patient, and all the guys (Dean and other Carl) at Red Wall were very supportive given the time we spent knocking about the studio hearing our mostly nonsensical East Anglian chatter. Also Chris’s desecration.

Another landmark in 2017 was The Waystone turned a profit. Now we got a lot of hate from some of the local music scene for this as we decided to post the costs related to the album online. Although there was a lot of abuse aimed at us we didn’t get too upset by this as the people commenting weren’t really aware of the whole facts although some of them decided to go one further and post abuse on our band page on Facebook, probably not seeing the irony of their very own Love Trumps Hate Facebook posts ….

The reason the costs with the album were so high was simply due to the fact it was what MGR Records had outlined (as well as the sound) for us all the way back in 2013, as they managed the recording before we had a falling out and we had to self-release. Another reason for high costs is we don’t have a whole lot of money to bulk buy CD’s and press vinyl’s, so generally smaller runs of CD’s and vinyl’s are more expensive to produce. Having said that, to achieve a profit and sell as many copies as we have was a huge success and something our detractors can never really take away from us. It’s an album that continues to sell well even to this day.


To finish off, while 2017 wasn’t a major leap forward for the band in terms of playing bigger shows, festivals or being signed etc. It was a success in terms of the band becoming an incredibly tight live unit and for the new line-up to finally get into the studio and record the new album. What does 2018 hold for us? I expect much of the same, but we will get this new record out and continue to play shows as and where we can, and we are most grateful for everyone who supported us up unto this point. The pre-orders helped pay for the album recording, and having so many of your turn out for show after show up and down the country is always incredibly humbling. So while we may not be the next Iron Maiden or Metallica, we will continue to work hard on the underground and bring old school Heavy Metal to you!

As I said, we won’t be appearing on tour, at any big festivals, so if you want to see us in 2018 check out our dates and come along to one of our shows!

Love, Rage



Kaine completed the entirety of the recording for A Crisis of Faith, having finished yesterday at Pointy Halo Productions based out of Red Wall Studios in Bury, Greater Manchester. The band last week put down the final guitar, bass, percussive and vocal parts to complete the recording process while the team at Pointy Halo will move on to the editing, mixing and mastering phase of the record.

A Crisis of Faith has already sold over 100 copies, with the album available for just £3 on digital download or £8 for CD. A number of people have bought the “Elite” package which includes the CD, Vinyl, live album, “Ghost” edition, t-shirt, original EP, studio items, live performance and free gig passes for £125. This is impressive given the band is yet to release a single track from the new album.

Kaine returns to the road this weekend as guests of Neverworld at Club 85 in Hitchin on Saturday. Tickets are still available on the door from 7pm.

Click here to pre-order the album today.

New A Crisis of Faith Merch Range from Dizzyjam


You can now get special made to order A Crisis Of Faith logo t-shirts, hoodies, caps and bags from Dizzyjam. These are high quality merch items produced and priced exclusively by Dizzyjam and come in a variety of colours and sizes. Click here to order.

  • Mens T-Shirt
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There will be an official album t-shirt made available direct from Kaine closer to the album’s release later this year. It can currently be preordered alongside the album for just £13.

Chris MacKinnon finishes drum tracking for new Kaine album

Kaine drummer Chris MacKinnon has finished tracking drums for the new Kaine album A CRISIS OF FAITH. The drums were tracked over three days by Carl Brewer of Pointy Halo Productions at Red Wall Studios based in Greater Manchester.

The band will be returning to the studio shortly to begin the rest of the recording process for the new album. You can pre-order the new album from just £3 by clicking here.

People who pre-order the elite package will get rare items such as the above from the recording sessions.

A Crisis Of Faith – Pre-Order Begins

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD £3 [£5 after pre-order period]
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4x CD’s – 1 x Vinyl – 1 x T-Shirt – 1 x Private Performances – Lifetime Guest List – 1 x Poster – Album Credit

You get the album on both CD and Vinyl.

The live album was recorded earlier this year at the Asylum by Short Stack Studios, and it features all the tracks from the new album live plus two tracks from The Waystone, which Kaine founders Dan Mailer and Joshua Moreton both appear on.This will be on CD and Digital Download only to those who pre-order the Elite Package.

The “ghost” version of the album recorded and produced by Kaine drummer Chris MacKinnon will be only available as part of the elite package for the new album. This version of the album represents the bands final version of the album before going into the studio and will greatly differ from the studio sessions. It’s the first time we have officially released tracks of these kind as a band.

Album artwork on an exclusive t-shirt in a size of your choice!

We often get sent through our guest list preferences for our bigger shows and festival performances. If you buy this package, this will guarantee your always on that list – indefinitely! This is regardless of how big the show or festival may be.

As your helping us fund the album, your name will forever be displayed in our album sleeves for A Crisis Of Faith as you helped us make this happen.

That’s right – you can book us just for yourself and whoever you want at a date/venue to be agreed with you directly, and we will even let you pick the setlist of however many songs you like!

As you will be helping us fund the recording of this album by buying the elite package we will write each of you a personal thank you note and include an exclusive signed poster as part of our appreciation for your support.

First come, first serve .. all studio notes and lyric sheets we have from the sessions will be yours if you’re one of the early ones to pre-order the elite package!

That’s right we have dug up some of these from our storage so if you order today you may be one of the lucky ones to own one of these rare CD’s, no longer on sale… we may well even have one signed by the original line-up which you may be lucky enough to own.