We are back in Unit One today to prepare for the forthcoming shows at Mearfest and our tour coming up with Riot Act. We have been working hard t be in top playing shape for these shows and the hard work continues today.

You can catch us at:

*Fire Down Under Tour with Riot Act


The new Falling Through Freedom t-shirts are being printed and sent out over the coming weeks, the patches will arrive later, which will mean everything is all caught up for 2021-22 before we can announce the next package. We are sorry for the delay in getting everything out this time, it has been a mammoth amount of recording, printing, and posting!

Advance sales for Riot Act/Kaine – FIRE DOWN UNDER – England Tour 2023 so far:

We’ve been working hard to push the FIRE DOWN UNDER tour with Riot Act. We are in effect the promoters of these events, so it’s on us to make these shows a success. We’ve booked venues we know are good in areas we know we can usually get decent crowds. Riot Act is coming from New York to do this tour, and we’re hoping to sell out all these shows for them when they are over. We’ve priced the advance tickets at just £8 to make it as affordable as possible. If you are yet to buy a ticket, you can do it from here:


Last weeks rehearsal sessions.

Today we are having our second rehearsal following our successful tour with Chris Holmes. Last week (as seen above) we focused on rehearsing the songs we didn’t do on the tour and writing new material for a future release.

Today we head back into Unit One again for more rehearsals, we’ll be working on our set for Mearfest Flame in Nuneaton in September, and then our second tour of 2023 with Riot Act, who will be playing the entire Riot classic album Fire Down Under in full during the tour.

Tickets fore the Fire Down Under Tour are already selling well, with London already 20% sold months in advance of the show. If you wish to attend these shows, we advise you to book well in advance from here. Our last show at Three Wise Monkeys for example sold out in advance, and there were people who could not get into the venue on the night.


Kaine are pleased to announce their second tour of 2023, having recently returned from supporting W.A.S.P guitar legend Chris Holmes and his Mean Man band on his 65 Tour of the UK just this week.

Riot guitar legend Rick Ventura will be bringing his band Riot Act back to England for a short run of shows to warm up for British Steel Festival in France on October 7th. Riot Act will be playing the critically acclaimed classic Riot album FIRE DOWN UNDER in full and other classic Riot tunes.

Kaine will be joining them as the main support throughout the tour, having met the band on their previous UK Tour where they both toured alongside Lillian Axe.

Tickets will be available from the venue’s box offices and are on sale now from – all tickets will be £8 in advance and £10 on the door. These are very limited, so book in advance to avoid disappointment.

  • 30th of September 2023: The Music Room, Ipswich (ENG)
  • 1st of October 2023: Waterfront, Norwich (ENG)
  • 3rd of October 2023: Portland Arms, Cambridge (ENG)
  • 4th of October 2023: Three Wise Monkeys, Colchester (ENG)
  • 5th of October 2023: The Birthplace of Iron Maiden – The Cart & Horses, London (ENG)
  • 7th of October 2023: British Steel Festival, Fismes, France (EU)

Rick Ventura was a member of the classic Riot line-up that recorded the legendary albums Narita (1979), Fire Down Under (1981), Restless Breed (1982), and Born In America (1983). He also appeared on the Riot Live (1989) live album. Fire Down Under is considered the ultimate Riot album, having made the Billboard 200 on its original release. 

Riot Act released their debut double album Closer to the Flame (Global Rock Records) in 2022 which features both original material and re-recordings of Riot classics. The band then joined Lillian Axe on their U.K Tour in 2022 to promote the album, alongside the English Heavy Metal band Kaine. 

This will be a rare opportunity for classic Rock/Metal fans to see Rick perform the FIRE DOWN UNDER album in full and all the other legendary Riot tunes from the 1980s. 

Riot Act:

Fire Down Under:


We are now home from our tour supporting the legendary Chris Holmes and his Mean Man band. We had a fantastic time, it was great to play both South and North Wales, Scotland, the Northeast of England, West Anglia, London, and the Northwest of England on the run. We appreciate everyone who came out and supported the shows, as well as those of you who took the time to watch us play.

We are happy to report that due to exceptionally tight budgeting on our end, combined with merchandise sales and performance fees, we have made a profit on this tour, and the first profit we have ever made from touring in Kaine! We sold out of all our tour t-shirts, as well as Reforge The Steel t-shirts, and a check of the Second Coming designs, leaving our stocks depleted. Out of the CDs we took on tour, we only had one copy of our album After Extinction left after the run. We have also had requests for orders come through since yesterday from people who had seen us live wanting to purchase more items.

Finally, we thank SD Entertainment for arranging us as the support for this tour, Chris and Sarah Holmes for their support and guidance, and of course the other members of the Mean Man band, Florian, Chuck, and Steve all of whom were brilliant players and people to be around. Also we would like to thank Alex Smith (our everything guy) and Charles Franklin (our tech) for all their hard work during this tour, which made our lives so much easier. We couldn’t operate without these guys.

MEAN MAN Chris Holmes:

Chris Holmes Official – Guitars and Vocals

Florian Lagoutte – Guitars and backing Vocals

Chuck Lambert – Bass and Vocals – follow Kung Fu Hotline

Steve Jackson – Drums – follow Heartbreak Remedy

Wales, Scotland, and the rest of England, we very much hope to see you all again soon! This has been one of the best experiences Kaine has ever had.

Photo credit: Jason Samuels Photography


A number of Extinction After and Falling Through Freedom boxsets have been posted out to Patreon’s this week. The remainder will go out after the tour, and will soon be followed by the 2022 shirt/patch. We are sorry for the delays, these have all been held up for a while now but we promise we will get out all packs before we announce our 2023 package.


Today we have our final rehearsal before we tour with Chris Holmes next week. We will again be focusing on the tour set and being at our absolute best for the shows. The tour begins on Friday, at The Patriot, Crumlin in South Wales on Friday. You can still buy tickets for the tour here.

We’ve had some bad luck in the run-up to the tour. The tour shirts we had printed have been delivered to an unknown location and we are desperately trying to recover them, in order to send the pre-orders out before the tour begins on Friday and ensure we had shirts to sell on the road to help us cover the costs of touring.

We’ll know if they can be recovered at all tomorrow, if not there will be a rush on to get them reprinted and out before Thursday. This has been an absolute nightmare to deal with.


We’re back in Unit One, Colchester today to continue to prepare for our tour supporting Chris Holmes this month. Toby will be absent from the sessions as he is watching Carcass in Norwich today, which means we will be working as a trio. Tour tickets are still available from here.


We are back at Unit One, Colchester today to continue our preparation for our tour supporting Chris Holmes next months across Wales, Scotland and England. We are working on the set for the shows, and ensuring we are as tight as possible for the tour.

Our tour shirts are presently being printed and will be delivered ASAP to those who have pre-ordered! We are sorry about the delay in getting these printed.


I thought I would take a moment to thank everyone who came out and supported our event at Three Wise Monkeys, Colchester on Friday.

We were celebrating the 5th anniversary of this line-up of Kaine coming together and the event was a huge success thanks to your support. We sold out the venue while competing with Blur at Colchester Arts Centre, and Bloodstock’s Metal to the Masses happening just a few doors down.  This is a big achievement for us, and we hope to be back at some point after our tour supporting Chris Holmes (of W.A.S.P fame), and after I have had my shoulder surgery later this year.

Over the years we have been consistently told the scene is dead, nobody comes out and supports live Heavy Metal music unless it’s Metallica or Iron Maiden anymore, and there is no point in running gigs in places such as Colchester. As ever, Friday has again proven those people wrong. We will continue to prove them wrong and work hard to promote our events, Heavy Metal is alive and well, and the scene is thriving in the UK underground.

We recorded the set for a forthcoming live album, as well as having the footage recorded for YouTube and other streaming services to be uploaded at a later date.

The live-album track listing is:

  1. Bright
  2. Reforge The Steel
  3. A Slave to the Grind
  4. Black
  5. Second Coming (The Cycle)
  6. Loudwire
  7. After Extinction
  8. The Dragon Reborn (Rebirth)
  9. Protesting for Profit
  10. I am God, The Master of Mankind
  11. Green to Grey
  12. All Hail the Evil One

Unlike the previous live albums, which were crudely mixed and produced by myself, this release will be getting produced by Talon Payne of Gallow Wood Media, rather than a DIY release, and therefore will have top-quality production. The tracks were a mixture from both albums (Reforge The Steel/After Extinction) as well as the first-ever performance of All Hail the Evil One from the Extinction After EP.