Chris MacKinnon gets Signature Drumsticks from Pellwood

So as my very close friends will know, ever since I first picked up a pair of Joey Jordison signature sticks back when I was 12, I’ve wanted a Signature set of Drumsticks that are made by me, for me.

Well, thanks to Pellwood Drumsticks that dream is now a reality. Say hello to the Pellwood Chris MacKinnon 5A Nylon-tip sticks, now available through the Pellwood website.

Again, a truly enormous thank you to the magnificent Darren for walking me through everything and working through all the teething problems with me. You sir, are a legend 👍

If you fancy getting your hands on some, you can either buy them online or catch one as I drop it on stage. Whatever is easiest for you.

I hope you have a great day, I know I will!