Kaine’s fourth album Reforge The Steel was released two years ago. It was the first to feature the current line-up of Rage Sadler, Liam Etheridge, Toby Woods and Isaac Healy. The album has been released twice on CD, has a live-album version and an EP containing tracks from the album recorded in late 2020.

  1. Reforge The Steel – 04:43
  2. Black – 07:25
  3. Loudwire – 05:17
  4. The Dragon Reborn – (Rebirth) 06:50
  5. In Cold Light – (The Necromancer) 05:47
  6. I am God, The Master of Mankind – 06:08
  7. To All, My Love – 06:07
  8. Wake – 06:17

The second print of the album comes in a super jewel case, includes a full colour lyric book and CD’s printed to the highest industry standard. The band has also just released a full colour t-shirt featuring the album art and is planning a vinyl release in the future. You can order the new shirt here and the CD version here.

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