As we had over 400 people read our post about Kaine not touring or playing festivals in 2023 I thought I would clarify some of the comments made yesterday on the band’s bookings as it has been met with some criticism.

I wanted to make it as clear as possible that the only way you will likely see us in 2023 is at one of our local gigs. We cannot play further afield outside of a tour due to fuel/hotel costs.

We have no issues getting bookings in our own area, this is not a problem for us, although some took it as that way also.

It also wasn’t an attack on the UK Rock and Metal festivals, although a few read it that way. Yes, we are disappointed they haven’t booked us but that is likely because they feel we aren’t good enough for their events and we cannot force the issue on them. We do get our supporters ask us to play these events, especially those closest to them, but we hold no influence over that. If you would like us to play the festivals you like to attend, please drop the relevant organisers there a line instead.

I was brutally honest in that we did push to be a tour support again this year and were turned down, and we are not booked for any festivals. Therefore, as stated yesterday, if you want to see us live, it will be at the gigs we are putting on ourselves. The advantage of that is you will get a more personalised experience at a smaller venue and for a fraction of the cost, although I appreciate if you are outside of the East Anglia area you may need to travel to be able to see us live this year.

It’s disappointing, but the influential people in the UK scene are not interested in us for their tours, festivals, or support slots. After 14 years this is abundantly clear. We can only focus on what we can achieve on our own.  That is the reality about Kaine, there is no magic wand that will change this.

What I will say is I am eternally thankful to those who have supported us over the past 14 years. We couldn’t have existed without your support.