Kaine founders reunite on May 20th 2017 for special set


Kaine founders Rage Sadler, Dan Mailer and Josh Moreton will finally reunite for a one off show at The Smokehouse in Ipswich on May 20th 2017. They will play a set of material drawn from the recently re released Falling Through Freedom and The Waystone albums.

The opportunity for the reunion arose from The Elimination 10 year show which Kaine were asked to play as support, however Kaine couldn’t do the show. Dan Mailer and Josh Moreton were already playing as part of the Elimination line-up, so it offered a perfect opportunity to the three original members to reunite for a set for the special show. It will be the first time the founder members will have played together officially since 2012.

The three members recently joined each other on stage for a rendition of Iron Lady alongside the current Kaine line-up at Asylum on February 28th.

Joining the founding members will be AJ Kemp, who is currently playing in Dismanibus alongside Josh Moreton, on lead guitar. The band will be billed as “The Immortal”. The show is just £3 and doors are at 8pm. You can find more information here.

Kaine release New SIngle – Holding The Line – Buy now to help save Asylum in Chelmsford from closure


Kaine have released Holding The Line, an exclusive single to help raise £12,000 to keep the Asylum music venue in Chelmsford open.

The ambition is to raise £12,000 to keep the Asylum music venue open in Chelmsford. Please support live, underground music by buying the track and sharing with your friends on facebook, twitter etc.The band is optimistic that at such a low price, and with enough social reach the single could help raise a significant amount of money should people get behind it.

The track was recorded at Threecircles Recording Studio on the 20th of November and mastered by Z-Plane on November 22nd 2016. Both Threecircles and Z-Plane gave their time and studio for free to help support the Asylum.

The track is just £1.00. Please buy the track and share it as much as possible on social awareness explaining the cause, every pound made will go a long way towards saving a much loved venue.  You can download from here.

Remaining Rock Den dates cancelled but Kaine return to Hertfordshire at Club85 in November


Due to re-organisation of shows The Rock Den has cancelled both remaining dates officially ending Kaine’s year long residency at the venue. It has been an excellent year and we thank Dean Archer and The Rock Den for their continued support. We will undoubtedly see you again next year at The Rock Den.

Kaine will however be returning to Hertfordshire next month as the band plays Club85 in Hitchin for the first time on the 20th of November.


The Waystone – 4th Edition Released on CD – Bonus Tracks!

Silencer8 - Eternal Reunion

The fourth edition of The Waystone CD has been released by Kaine and is available to purchase through Bandcamp.

Kaine - Justice Injustice - promo single cover pic - 2015 - #033MMMSS777

This version of the CD contains the Justice, Injustice single, When Will They Return originally by Dismanibus which was a cover originally released on the Writers Block Album and finally Quality of Madness which was also recorded last year.


These additional tracks are the last tracks recorded with Dan Mailer [Bass] and Anthony Murch [Lead Guitar] before their departure from the band. This fourth version of the CD now contains the complete works of that line-up released together on CD for the first time with interchangeable artwork with the Justice, Injustice single.

The band has also made the following released subscriber exclusive;

  • Kaine E.P.
  • Breaking The Surface – Live 2012
  • Rock The Castle – Live 2013
  • The Soundhouse Tapes – Live 2016

You can order the CD here or on the following link.



Kaine: Rock The Castle Live album also Sells Out


Kaine’s 2013 live album Rock The Castle has also sold out as of last night. The live album was released following Chris MacKinnon joining the band and featured tracks off of the bands first E.P. and debut album.

It was recorded at St. Anne’s Castle, then England’s oldest surviving Inn. The Inn itself dates back to 1171 and a witch allegedly once occupied the building, who was executed and then buried under the village green. A witch’s stone was then placed on the grave to stop her from terrorising the village which still exists on the grounds of the old Inn. The building is mentioned in the 1086 Domesday Book, and served ale to pilgrims travelling to Thomas Becket’s tomb in 12th Century Canterbury. In the cellars there are remains of tunnels, which reputedly link the inn with the nearby Leez Priory, and Great Leigh’s church.

Rock The Castle was the name of James Balcombe’s (Osmium Guillotine, The Tickturds, Aaliyah Wood, Myopic Empire and even once with Kaine live) regular rock nights at the venue, and the name of the album is taken from those very nights. After the venue changed ownership the music nights stopped at the venue, which became a restaurant, and the name subsequently changed to The Castle.

Another run of Rock The Castle CD’s will not be made.

Kaine: The Waystone – Album sells out for the 3rd time!

Silencer8 - Eternal Reunion

Kaine’s second album The Waystone sold out on CD for the third time since it’s 2014 release after a successful show at The Portland Arms in Cambridge yesterday.  13 copies are still left to purchase on vinyl.

The show at The Portland Arms marked the bands 200th overall since 2009.

Kaine to play FINAL ever Power & Glory Fest this Saturday


Poster for the final Power & Glory Fest

Kaine will play the final Power & Glory Festival this Saturday at The Rock Den, Hatfield. The NWOBHM festival will not be continuing due to poor ticket sales for this years event as The Rock Den looks to the future, recently partnering up with TBFM as part of a working agreement moving forward.

Rage Sadler commented: “I was greatly saddened to read the news that this will be the final P&G Fest at The Rock Den and that a future festival wouldn’t be a NWOBHM inspired one. Dean has worked incredibly hard to make the event a success and book some great bands for it since it’s started and it’s a shame that his work has not been rewarded this year with adequate ticket sales. The Rock Den’s audience has been one of the most supportive of Kaine and our music. I wish The Rock Den all the best in the future, we of course remain the house band there for 2016 but I would urge as many people to support this final show as possible.”

The final line-up will feature New Wave of British Heavy Metal legends The Handsome Beasts, High Treason, Dealer, Troyen and Tytan (featuring Kev Riddles ex: Angel Witch) alongside Revival Metal acts The Filth Hounds, Lord Volture (from Holland) and Kaine.

Tickets are available on the door for £20 (just £2.50 per band) for this historic show, which takes place at breaks Manor, Link Drive in Hatfield (AL10 8TP). Doors are at 12 midday on Saturday.

Kaine release Free Live Album – The Soundhouse Tapes


Kaine have released a live album featuring 5 new songs for free on Bandcamp. The set was recorded accidentally by Essex Doom outfit Myopic Empire at The Soundhouse in Colchester on Friday the 5th of August 2016.

This is a raw, unpolished recording meant for free download only. The tracks are presented as recorded directly on the night and the new songs may not represent the final versions that end up on future albums.

This is the first release from the line-up up Rage Sadler, Chris MacKinnon, Saxon Davids and Stephen Ellis and features music mostly written by that line-up for the forthcoming third Kaine album.


The name and artwork is a play on the famous Iron Maiden pre-fame demo, a reference to the fact Kaine is most often compared in sound and style to Iron Maiden and the venue itself, The Soundhouse.

You can download the album for free from the following link.

Rage Issues New Album Update – Kaine


A lot of people have been asking when the new album from Kaine will be coming and why it hasn’t been released yet. I thought to answer the question in detail I would give everyone a bit of background on the new album and where we are presently with the process.

Essentially the band that recorded The Waystone has effectively “split up” in the literal sense with Dan Mailer, who played bass and sung a few tracks on that album leaving almost a year ago now moving onto a successful career with Daemona and Gabriel and Anthony Murch who played lead guitar and the majority solos on that album left us 6 months ago now. This has left just myself and Chris MacKinnon (drums) from that band carrying over to this one.

As with any changes, it takes time to adjust. Saxon Davids joined us after the release of The Waystone playing on the supporting tour before becoming an official member in the October of 2014 whereas Stephen Ellis joined us officially on bass in August last year but had been rehearsing with us while Dan was winding up his final dates with the band so we had a smooth transition. Saxon is now handling the majority of the lead and solo responsibility on this album.

In August last year we released a single, which was intended to be the launch of the new Kaine album, in Justice Injustice which featured The Waystone line-up plus Saxon Davids. There were a number of songs written, or at least in the process of being written while both Dan and Anthony were still in the band which have now been shelved as the new line-up has come in and things have changed.

We have essentially had 6 months since the current line-up has existed to write a new album and we have as of today 9 complete songs, 5 of which we are doing live and 4 which are close to being added to the set. There will be a few more songs written yet on top of these. These songs have been written by all members of the band, and although are still very much in the Kaine sound they are also different to the stuff we have done in the past which is a good thing.

Aside from the member changes, real life has gotten in the way of the band. Chris in particular has had to devote a significant amount of his time to his University performances and exams, which has also meant he’s playing catch-up with work at his regular employment as well. We have continued working on material in his absence and have already had our first full rehearsal back last week where Chris has started to add his stamp to the new songs again, and in his own time has been writing more material himself he is going to show to the band as a whole as soon as it’s ready. Things are moving slowly but in the right direction. I am very confident that this album will deliver once it’s recorded.

We currently have no timescale as to when we will record this album. The plan is to get the songs we feel are best for the album, we will then “ghost” track them our end, make any final changes before even considering recording and then as ever we will then have to find the money to pay for the studio time. It’s no secret that our last two albums lost a significant amount of money meaning the reserves are depleted, and we do have an expensive tour coming up which we will also have to finance but we will find a way, as we always do, to make this next record happen.

In the meantime I thank everyone for their patience.
Love, Rage

Falling Through Freedom – Remastered Album Pre-Order Launched


The remastered version of Falling Through Freedom can now be pre-ordered on CD from the following link. The pre-order price is just £8.00 and includes a digital copy of the original album which will only be available until the remaster is released. Once the album is released this will increase to £10.

The album was originally recorded between the summer of 2011 and early part of 2012 with the music written in 2009 and 10. It was the first full length album from Kaine and helped the band launch themselves, having sold out of the original 200 copies since it’s initial release. Rage Sadler will return to the studio next week to continue work on the album, before it’s given a full remix and re-master ahead of it’s release.

Please click here if you wish to pre-order the album on CD, the first run of these will be limited to just 100 copies.