Kaine will reunite with 2 Former Members on May the 20th

The Immortal was due to play the Smokehouse in Ipswich in support of Eliminations 10 year Anniversary on May 20th. The Immortal is made up of Kaine founders Rage Sadler, Dan Mailer and Josh Moreton and features Dismanibus’s AJ Kemp on guitar.

Sadly Dan Mailer has developed carpal tunnel syndrome which means he’s having to take time off from playing bass. He will still take part in the show as he’s playing in Elimination but to lighten the workload and help speed up recovery it was agreed that it would be best to drop the Immortal set for the night.

Dan Mailer said that: “[Sunday was] One of the toughest sets of my bass career fighting through Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I now have to take a small break from playing bass in the hopes of a speedy recovery!”

Kaine will take the Immortals place on the bill and will re-unite with original drummer Josh Moreton who appeared on the original E.P. and Falling Through Freedom, and lead guitarist Anthony Murch who played on both Falling Through Freedom and The Waystone for the show.

Josh Moreton hasn’t played with the band since December 2012 and Anthony Murch since December 2015. They will join Rage Sadler and Stephen Ellis from the current line-up for a one-off set.

Rage Sadler added: “I hope Dan is able to make a swift and full recovery. Dan gave a lot of time to this band over a 6 year period and has clearly suffered for his art. It’s a great shame we weren’t able to play a gig with the founders of the band this time but I am sure we will re-arrange something in the future. On the other hand, I welcome both Josh and Anthony back to the fold for the show and it will be fun to take the stage with both of them as we haven’t played together since 2012. We promise not to disappoint.”