Liam Etheridge finishes tracking drums for new Kaine album


Liam Etheridge has this week finished tracking the drums for Kaines fourth album Reforge The Steel with Pointy Halo Productions based out of Red Wall Studios. The drums were tracked over the course of two days and marks Liams recording debut with the band.

Kaine to begin recording new album tomorrow

SLR8 - Kaine - Broken 2 LOGO

Kaine will begin recording their new album Reforge the Steel this week at Bury’s own Pointy Halo, at Red Wall Studios again with producer Carl Brewer.

Drummer Liam Etheridge, who joined the band back in April will make his full recording debut with the band as he and Rage will travel north tonight ready to begin working on the new record.

Liam has been investing in his kit over the last few weeks ready for the recording.


SLR8 - Kaine - Broken 2 LOGO

Kaine are pleased to announce that they are officially working on their new album, Reforge The Steel. The band has 9 new tracks, written and rehearsed by the new line up which the band will be playing live, honing ahead of heading into the studio later this year to record the album. This will be the first album to feature the new line up of Rage Sadler (guitars & vocals), Liam Etheridge (drums & backing vocals), Toby Woods (lead guitars) and Isaac Healy (bass).

Kaine has already debuted two of the tracks live “Black” and “Reforge The Steel” as well as having played a medley of two new tracks “To All” and “A Farewell” at the bands last show, at the Swan in Ipswich last month.



As many will know the Crisis of Faith line-up split shortly after the album’s release. This was seen as many as the end of the band, and I was beginning to accept that it may have killed off myself and Kaine for good. I had essentially a fortnight to recruit a brand-new band and get it on the road at the same level it was previously. I was very lucky to be able to recruit Liam, Toby and Isaac, and continue the band.

Since then the band has slowly come back to strength, we’ve spent many hours in the rehearsal rooms ensuring the material was up to scratch and last night we completed our 7th gig in this line-up. Last night was undoubtedly one of our best performances so far, as a band, and many in attendance, who hadn’t seen us before, struggled to believe the band had only been together since the end of May. One attendee said, “If that’s how good you are, after such a short space of time, then what’s the future going to be like?!”

Those who have seen us a couple of times, with the new live up, have said the band performs the songs as if it were the band on the album. We’ve also introduced two brand new songs to the set, Reforge The Steel and Black, both of which have been positively received so far. Those in attendance agreed that the new material, and the old, blended together seamlessly.

The feedback and support from most people has been incredible. Of course, as with anything, in music, you have your detractors, and some have written the band off. However, it’s unlikely many of those people ever really supported us to begin with.
I am not letting any of this get to my head, there is still work to be done and we’ll be working hard, rehearsing to ensure the quality of the band does not change so that the band continues to grow and improve.

Things are, however, looking up, even if only on a small scale right now and we have a few announcements to make very soon. We also have the Ten-Year Anniversary show, next year, at the amazing Colchester Arts Centre. Can I recommend you buy a ticket for this show? It’s £20, which I recognise is a touch expensive, but if we can get a good attendance we can do a stage show, DVD and live album as well. The hire costs for a venue of this quality are not insubstantial which means we had no choice but to charge £20. Sales haven’t been great so far, so please buy a ticket!

It’s been a tough year for bands in general, with social media changing rapidly and many of the old tools such as Facebook are no longer delivering for promotion, and with YouTube becoming less ” band friendly” the end result is bands are having to shout louder to get noticed.

Finally, the band will be in action at The Rock Den on Saturday 21st of July. The previous line-up was once the resident band at the Rock Den, I am personally very much indebted to the venue for the support and encouragement the fledgling Kaine received, it is also the place that helped develop the songs for our album A Crisis of Faith. This is the first time this new line-up will play the venue, and we’re on early so please try to get there in time to see us! You can get tickets from the link on our Facebook page.

As ever, thank you for continued love and support.

A Crisis of Faith – Blog 2


From the Ashes ….

It’s been a while since I wrote one of these blogs. My reasoning is quite simple, I have been busy rebuilding the band following the collapse of the A Crisis of Faith line-up starting back in April, when Chris announced his departure and was followed by Saxon and Stevo thus ending the line-up that had been in place since the start of 2016.

I have already said numerous times how devastating this was to me, especially after what we had achieved with the last record and as a live band and to have it end so quickly and abruptly was easily my lowest point over the 9 years of Kaine. For me, it was also the greatest challenge ever faced as I had essentially a fortnight to rebuild the band, and chances are it could have even been the end of me as a musician and I honestly thought it was.

However, for whatever reason I have been blessed with another chance to succeed in music and to continue with Kaine. Liam joined us on drums while the majority of the old line-up were still in the band, and not long after we held auditions for guitar and bass and have been incredibly blessed to welcome both Toby and Isaac into the fold.

These three young guys have come in and had to catch up with much of the bands back catalogue in a very short amount of time. They have all shown a great level of dedication and professionalism in under taking the task and working with me to get the new band gig ready in a very short amount of time. Very few people believed we could manage that, and to be honest they would probably be right in assuming so. It was one hell of a challenge to be faced with. However, we are here now, approaching our 5th gig and as a line-up growing into a stronger unit on stage, are already playing a new song live amongst an hour set which we have already headlined with. In fact, we played it with such ferocity that Isaac managed to cut his finger open and had to come to rehearsals the next day bandaged up. Those who came were stunned that the band was still holding up it’s same high standards with an entirely new band which had been together roughly a month in total.

Despite all the problems caused by members leaving, I remain committed to releasing the rest of A Crisis of Faith and have been working incredibly hard with Breed Media to produce a high quality coloured vinyl version of the album, as well as mixing our 2017 live album which should be released soon after. This has been a lot of work between rebuilding the band, but as I said, I have an obligation to A Crisis of Faith whether the line-up split up or not and of course to everyone who paid extra for the pre-orders who helped us fund the recording in the first place. The good news is A Crisis of Faith has since sold out on CD and we’ve had to order more.

Because of all this work with the new line-up and A Crisis of Faith I have had to ditch the streaming on Facebook and YouTube stuff I was doing earlier this year, but once I get settled again I will resume what I was doing.

We’re now getting new booking coming forward with people very impressed with the new line-up, and while we have taken a knock, ultimately, I am just grateful to be playing at all right now.

I hope to see you on the road.
Love, Rage

Free to download “Fall of Jericho” Live Single from New Line-Up Released


Kaine have released a single recorded at their most recent live performance on May 26th with the brand new line-up. The single is raw was recorded direct from their set, which is also the first ever performance of Fall of Jericho by the new line-up. You can download for free below.

Album cover by Lensmarc Photography

Rage Sadler [Vocals/Guitars]
Liam Etheridge [Drums]
Toby Woods [Lead Guitar]
Isaac Healy [Bass]

Introducing new members Toby Woods and Isaac Healy


Toby Woods and Isaac Healy have now joined Rage Sadler and Liam Etheridge in Kaine. The band will now begin rehearsing existing material ready for a full live debut, hopefully later this month. In the meantime, Toby will make his official debut with the band this coming Saturday, in Ipswich.

“I can’t begin to say how excited I am about starting with Kaine. I have been a fan of the band for some time and when the opportunity came up for me to audition I knew it was something I had to do. I can’t thank Saxon enough for the kind words about my playing with the band, to hear it from the person I would be taking over from truly meant a lot. I’m looking forward to what the future holds.”  – Toby Woods

Isaac, who was brought into the band on Toby’s recommendation is currently busy learning the rest of the bands set following his successful audition last weekend, and will officially take over from Stephen Ellis, who will be playing his last official gig with the band in Ipswich.

Isaac: “I’m excited to try out something that is a new experience to me and hope to be out gigging with the rest of the band as soon as possible.” – Isaac Healy

Rage Sadler, the remaining member from the A Crisis of Faith line-up is optimistic about the bands future following the auditions.

“I have been very fortunate enough to be able to find three excellent young musicians, very quickly, following the break and I am looking forward to working with the new line-up over the coming weeks. It’s been a tough time for the band and hopefully we can come out the other side stronger for it.” – Rage Sadler

Kaine line-up complete as Isaac Healy joins the band on bass guitar


The new Kaine line-up is complete as Isaac Healy joins the band on bass following a successful audition earlier today. The band will be issuing a full statement at a later date.

Bass auditions to begin Saturday


The auditioning process to replace Stephen Ellis on bass will begin on Saturday, and again will be taking part at Pioneer Music Studio, in Colchester.

The successful candidate will join Rage Sadler, Liam Etheridge and Toby Woods in the new line-up of Kaine.

Stephen Ellis makes an official statement regarding his departure from Kaine


Stephen Ellis has posted his official leaving statement following lats nights announcement that he was leaving the band alongside Saxon Davids.

I thought I should post something regarding the reasons I left and the future.

First of all; RageChris and Saxman are still my best friends, that hasn’t changed. There was no fallout, I just felt that this time was right to go. I didn’t want to leave the band, financially and musically I am in the best condition I have been in years but Chris leaving was the catalyst. Despite Liam coming in and doing a fantastic job, I felt like the chemistry the 4 of us had was what drove the band forward the last few years. Then Saxon decided to leave due to personal reasons yesterday and it felt that even if I stayed it would not be the same band as before, without those 2 it would feel very alien. So Rage offered me a chance to walk as well, I took the offer.

I love what we accomplished these last few years, the last album was as good as it could have been. I thank the fans that have stayed with us and the ones we have made along the way, you have my eternal gratitude.

Looking to the future I look to hopefully continue music, Matt and I have a collab album coming out soon and I am looking at working with some fantastic musicians in the future. I am still playing all the dates with Kaine until they have found a replacement.

Good luck to Rage at continuing this band forward, I have never met someone with more passion for what they do than this man.

Thank you for everything, – Stevo

New drummer Liam Etheridge responded with the following statement.

After hearing the news late last night i still haven’t really gotten over the shock of it. I honestly never thought that either of them would leave, and i am truly gutted that they are. That being said, it’s been a real honour to play with them for the short time that i have been. Stephen and Saxon are 2 of the best musicians I’ve ever played with, and i look forward to whatever musical adventures they go onto next. Nothing but love for these guys, and i just wanna say thank you for the good times that we’ve had so far, and also thank you for the good times that will come at our remaining gigs together. I’ll be honest, I currently have no idea how Rage and i will be able to replace you, but these things happen in the music business, and i have every faith in Rage and I’m sure that we will be up and running again with a brand new lineup sooner rather than later. Let’s get out there and absolutely smash it out the park with the gigs we have left this year, starting with Stamford tomorrow night! -Liam