The Waystone: So Good…………. So Far…


Within a week of the band releasing the record to reviewers the album has already been getting strong reviews. Heres what they had to say and where to find them…

“Overall, superb songwriting and excellent musicianship make this an album a must for all fans of traditional metal. British heavy metal is not dead – Kaine are living proof.” – Frenzy Fire

“Although the band have been compared to the likes of Iron Maiden, this album I find is rather more refined and much more flexible. Kaine have produced some compelling tracks, so much so that I have found myself reaching for replay, over and over again.

It is very fair to say that this is one fine album that more than deserves recognition. I am transfixed! It’s impressing from start to finish, there’s nothing I can find fault with, simple as that! From captivating guitars, rabid beats, strong bass hooks and diverse vocals – Kaine have done themselves proud with this!” – Pagan Hel/Blackened Horde

“Kaine have written an exciting album. With touches of Classic, Thrash and Prog there are such differences to some of the tracks. They have moved on as a band and really polished their performance. The production of the album by Akis K of Angry Bee studios has given the album a quality that even some well financed bands cannot turn out. Kaine have struggled, strived and worked their backsides off to release this album, and it’s paid off.” – Black Phoenix Rising

The album is set to be released on August 1st and the band is still looking for a potential record label  to put the record out with following their departure from MGR.

The singles from the album “Iron Lady” & “Resistance” released on April & May 1st have already been praised by fans and critics alike.