The Waystone – No Label Interest (Still Moving Forward!)


The band is sad to announce that there is presently no label interest in taking on our record “The Waystone” at this stage.  We had contacted a number of labels following the departure from MGR and received a “no” although we did have some smaller offers of digital distribution deals (which we turned down as we are able to do that ourselves). The decision has therefore been made that we will put out the record ourselves and continue to manage our own campaign for the album.

We thank the fans who have offered their help and support during this time. We are still confident that the record “The Waystone” will be well received, and thus far the positive feedback on the singles “Iron Lady” and “Resistance” has been tremendous and so far online reviewers have all praised the album. Presently the band is also working on getting the album featured in the printed press and again we are positive in being able to do this ourselves moving forward.

Finally we are a 100% self funded band, all recording, touring, artwork, CD pressing, advertising and so on to do with the record and so on is paid for entirely by the band members themselves and comes at a huge cost. If you like our material please continue to support the band by buying the CD’s/Shirts because without your support we simply cannot exist.  None of this is done for profit but the love of the music itself.