Kaine – Pre-Order “The Waystone” Tonight!


The pre-order link for “The Waystone” will go live tonight at 00:00 GMT. Those who pre-order the album will receive the first pressing of the CD is limited to just 100 copies, a brand new track right away (Solidarity) as well as the CD in advance of the August 1st release. Copies of the album can be signed on request.

The album while being continually ignored by the majority of the mainstream Metal press has been praised by many online reviewers.

What they have said..

“With the style being touted as the second wave by many now, revivalists Kaine are staying true to the sounds that emerged in the early 80′s but adding their own stamp. ‘The Waystone’ is a step up in my opinion. Great production, more melodic vocals and some lead vocals provided by Bassist Dan Mailer, all make for an exciting addition to the Kaine discography.” – Legalalien, Black Phoenix Rising

“Well now we have Kaine and we can be assured that heavy metal will never die. An exciting act who bring a modern touch to a New Wave of British Heavy Metal chassis. These guys know how to craft top notch metal songs with crazed harmonies, powerful choruses, and riffs that simply fill you with energy. This is the sort of heavy metal that the world needs more of, the thing that leads to ascension, redemption, and ultimately freedom.” – Two Metal Guys

“British heavy metal band Kaine will release their new album The Waystone on August 1st. The group has released the single “The Iron Lady” which can be streamed below. I’m always happy when I come across newer heavy metal bands that are able to do the NWOBHM sound justice, and based on this single it sounds like these guys have the potential to do so. Check out The Waystone in August!” – Cosmos Gaming

“Kaine are a solid format no nonsense metal outfit that have now carved out more than just a niche – they have broken through most of the metal barriers they once thought had eluded them by sheer determination, proving them to be the ones to watch out for!” – Pagan Hel/Crimson Moonzine/Blackened Horde

“Will Kaine have a long and distinguished career like Iron Maiden? Only time will tell, but with ‘Iron Lady’ breathing fire into the resurgence of the NWOBHM sound, the new album is definitely one to watch out for. Due for release August 1st, be sure to mark that date on your calendars – it will be worth it.” – FrenzyFire

“The Waystone will not bore you because the production is excellent (but not too excellent to keep us elitists happy) and it has a satisfactory balance of mid-tempo and slower tracks.” – Metal Recusants

The band isn’t at all disheartened by the lack of mainstream attention or support for the record and is determined to continue fighting the corner for pure, undiluted Metal. In a recent interview with Black Phoenix Rising the band members had this to say…

Dan: When our long-time friends and fans heard the new songs they seemed really impressed, they’ve seen the improvements we’ve made as musicians in the three or so years since Falling Through Freedom!

Chris: Comparing it to FTF, there’s been a huge reaction to Iron Lady when we first released it, as it was so unlike our other stuff in terms of quality but still sounds just like the classic Kaine that our fans love.

Rage: The response has been great, it’s better then what I expected. I really hope they enjoy the album!

Ant: The fans have been loving the singles, we have had great reviews, nice comments on YouTube, personal messages saying how they enjoy the songs and people can’t wait to hear the full album.

The pre-order link will go live tonight through Kaine’s bandcamp and will be available on facebook and twitter.