Announcement: Kaine signs American Record Deal with Static Tension Recordings

KSTKaine has put pen to paper to a deal with newly founded Static Tension Recordings. The record deal gives Static Tension exclusive rights to market and sell Kaine’s album “The Waystone” in the United States over the next two years. Kaine is excited to be working with Static Tension on the upcoming US release.

Rage Sadler said: “I am very pleased we have come to an agreement with Static Tension. This is the perfect deal for us as this gives them exclusive rights to sell and market the band in America while we receive a fair share of the income from record sales. The deal also enables us to continue selling our own CD’s and allows us to retain all of our own digital and merch income. The majority of European labels are only interested in ripping bands off and we really couldn’t do this sort of deal with the labels that approached us. This definitely isn’t the case with Static Tension who are firmly in the 21st Century and moving with the times as we are. “

Kyle Stevens of Static Tension, who has 26 years experience in the music industry having worked for the likes of Universal Music Group stated: “I am extremely pleased to have Kaine as my first signing to Static Tension Recordings. Their continued hard work, business savvy, and most importantly, their song writing skills are a breath of fresh air in today’s stagnant talent pool. Proving that traditional heavy metal is alive and well will make the fore-fathers from the New Wave of Heavy Metal proud.”

A special US release of the album will be available on CD and Vinyl from October 14th 2014. These releases will still be available worldwide online through Static Tension’s website.