Falling Through Freedom Sells Out


Kaine are pleased to announce that it has finally sold out of its debut album Falling Through Freedom on CD. Falling Through Freedom was recorded between the summer of 2011 and 2012 at Threecircles studio in Essex. It was the band’s first experience in the studio and wasn’t without its issues.

In late 2010 one of the bands founding members Elliot Jackson decided to leave the band with the album half written. The trio of Rage Sadler, Dan Mailer and Josh Moreton carried on into 2011 writing songs for what would be the album while also auditioning new potential guitar players. In the end the band invited Orrin Fairhead to the band with the group relocating its base of operations from Peterborough to Essex in the process.


Kaine headed into the studio in July 2011 as an inexperienced recording unit. In the background the band were all having personal issues, with Dan and Orrin having to live at Rages house after being made homeless following their departure from Peterborough. Rage was supporting the band financially in many respects and has just been forced to take a pay cut, while also funding the costs of the album recording. Dan at the time was working in McDonalds to try and support himself but the unhealthy work environment was taking a toll on his health. Total disaster nearly occurred as both Dan and Josh were involved in a minor car accident as Dan was taking Josh home from the studio one day (after he had issues with his own car) but fortunately both of them were left unscathed but Dan’s car was totally written off.


The recording process was intense with many problems occurring due to Orrin’s unfamiliarity with a number of the songs leaving the rest of the band dissatisfied with his performance. This lead to a number of heated situations inside the studio. To top off the issues with Orrin was the fact that the producer (Ade Hare) had to write his solos for him using a keyboard and then show him where to play the parts for the recording which further frustrated his bandmates at the time.


Kaine finished the album but before it could be released a dispute with Orrin later in the year over both his refusal to play a booked show with his agreement and pay his share of the album costs/band debts lead to his ejection from the group. Rage would subsequently successfully take Orrin to court over the money he owed the band.


Just days after Orrin was ejected from the band, they were contacted by a Colchester based guitar player that Rage loosely knew from the local Metal scene called Anthony Murch. The band arranged a tryout in Colchester that Ant no-showed due to what he described as girlfriend issues at the time. Another local guitar player Adam Wood stepped in at this time to help cover for the band upcoming show in Cambridge. Ant would later show up to another rehearsal and started to work with the band and played the second half of the set at the Cambridge show before formally being offered the position as the band’s new Lead Guitarist.


Ant headed into the studio later in the year to re-record all of Orrin’s parts and solos and the album was then mixed and released in August 2012. The recordalbum was a success as Kaine booked for a number of shows on the strength of the album which gave the group new exposure and enabled them to move forward with their career. Josh would decide to leave to explore other musical interests later in the year and was replaced by Chris MacKinnon.


The Falling Through Freedom line-up did re-unite for just one more gig in December of 2012 where they played the album it its entirety and with no prior rehearsal. A friendly relationship with Orrin was resumed when he attended a show at the Square in Harlow in 2013.


Falling Through Freedom successfully launched Kaine as a band with many of the songs from that record fan favourites and still in the band’s live set today. Those lucky enough to own one of the CD’s can be safe in the knowledge there are just 200 in existence.
Quality of Madness from the album was recently re-recorded live at Short Stack Studios and released as a single with the band’s current line-up.