Justice Injustice is coming!


The new Kaine single Justice Injustice is on its way as the band awaits the new artwork, again by Silencer 8 (who also does artwork for bands such as As I Lay Dying and Caliban) before the release will be made public. A select number of reviewers have already had a chance to listen to the new track, giving the song and musical direction praise as Kaine returns to its heavier routes.

Dennis Jarman of Planet Mosh: “The three pronged guitar line up of Rage, Saxon Davids and Anthony Murch deliver jabbing riffs as well as the harmony lines that weave throughout. The solos midway are short, sharp and to the point as Rage’s anger rises as the song comes to its four minute duration. A fine taster of their new material.”

Lauren Brender of Metal Gallows: “It is only when Rage’s vocals start that you pretty quickly realise you are listening to something that could be bringing the metal genre into one unified style of music from the many different sub-genres that populate the whole of the scene.”

Pagan Tordengrav of The Metal Gods Meltdown: “I personally have not seen any other band with so much resolve, conviction and fortitude, Kaine literally are a force to be reckoned with and deserve a chance to make it big, but sadly, a band can only do so much, after that, it is up to audience and the powers that be in order for a band to thrive – here’s hoping this will push them further on in their careers!”

Legalien of Black Phoenix Rising: “News is breaking today of this single which will be on the 3rd Kaine studio album. It seems that Rage is moving Kaine, not so much full circle more of an arc, back to the heavier, live sound that came from Falling Through Freedom, the debut album. It’s important to note here that Kaine, and in particular Rage, have never conformed. He is quite clear on how he wants the band to sound and the way the band plays.”

The track was recorded and produced by Ade Hare at Three Circles studio where the band recorded their debut album and was mastered by Z-Plane who also worked on the band’s previous album The Waystone. It will be the last official release to feature founding member and bassist Dan Mailer, released initially as a digital download with a small, limited run of physicals to be pressed in the future.

Kaine playing Justice Injustice at their recent appearance at Wildfire Festival in Scotland