New Line Up and Justice Injustice Single Released


Left to right: Stephen Ellis (bass), Saxon Davids (guitars), Rage Sadler (vocals/guitars), Anthony Murch (guitars/backing vocals) and Chris MacKinnon (drums/backing vocals)

British Metal Revival band Kaine have unveiled their new line-up. Stephen Ellis (Drop Dead Fred/Failing to Fly) has joined Kaine on bass ahead of the preparation for the recording of the band’s upcoming third album to be released on Revival Metal Records.

Stephen Ellis commented: “Kaine have been one of my favourite bands on the local scene for a while. I have played with Chris MacKinnon in one of my other bands (Drop Dead Fred) for a few years now and have been supportive of the band throughout. I was originally brought into the band as a temp but I was asked to take the role full time after the first practice, which is very cool. Dan Mailer is obviously going to be a very hard act to follow as that guy is an insane bass player but I will try my hardest to continue his legacy.”

Rage Sadler added: “I am extremely pleased to have Stephen joining us in Kaine and he’s already proven to be a perfect fit with the band both playing wise and personality wise. I am impressed with what’s he’s contributed to our new music as well as the dedication shown by learning our back catalogue in such a short amount of time. We will be gearing up to return to the studio over the next few months.”

Stephen Ellis will play his first official show on August 28th at the Firehouse in Southampton, followed by the Rock Den in Hatfield on the 29th and the Asylum in Chelmsford on the 30th.


Kaine have also issued a new track “Justice Injustice” from their upcoming album released as a digital single on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon etc. on August 8th.  The track was recorded and produced by Ade Hare at Threecircles Studio in Essex, England where the band recorded their debut album “Falling Through Freedom” in 2012 and mastered by Z-Plane who also mastered the bands previous album The Waystone.

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