The artwork for the two Patreon EPs is currently being drawn up by a brand-new artist. The name for the 2021 EP will be revealed once the artwork is completed, the 2022 EP is a re-recording of 5 songs to celebrate the release of our debut album Falling Through Freedom. The artwork will be a new version of the original and will also come as a t-shirt for Patreon’s.  

The 2022 £3 and up tier will include a t-shirt, a CD set that includes the new EP, the original album, the remaster, the instrumentals, and the demo album (for the first time ever).  These will NOT be released again.

Patreon is the only way to get a hold of these on CD (and the t-shirt) so be sure to subscribe here to get both benefits. Patreon subscribers help us continue to operate the band by contributing £1/£3 a month.

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