As stated in previous posts, we’ve not rehearsed in several weeks due to Liam suffering with a significant injury. To his credit he has still played the last two gigs in that state, one being a 2-hour set in Sheffield and the other a gig down in Kent a few weeks back, but we agreed it would be best to try and limit what he did while he was in pain. He also recorded his drums for the Falling Through Freedom EP in that period.

We’ve still been very busy, we’ve signed and sent out the album pre-orders on CD, we have finished recording the Falling Through Freedom EP, we’ve been working on getting the artwork finished for both EPs with the Extinction After EP completed and Falling Through Freedom on its way. The new art for the EP will on the t-shirt/patch for the 2022 Patreon package. Again, we are sorry for the delay on both.

By next Friday, I will have finished tracking vocals for Extinction After, having completed the Falling Through Freedom vocals last week. As stated previously, recording and finishing an album and two EPs in one year has been the most work I have ever done with this band, especially given we had a tour thrown in a few months back!

Our last rehearsal session on October 30th

Today we’re back to rehearsals, focussing on our gig at the Brewhouse, Colchester next week and getting our set together for that, plus ensuring we’re up to standard in terms of playing together. We’ve never played the Brewhouse before either, so I am looking forward to it. We are playing alongside Heathen Kings and Osmium Guillotine so the night will have a very traditional Metal feel. The gigs on Friday next week, and it’s free to get into from 7pm.

I am hopeful we can try and get back to a normal gigging routine next year, however with costs rising in the UK and with yet more tax increases announced this week, it’s going to be interesting to see how bands and venues survive in 2023. It could be the toughest year yet.