After a successful launch yesterday, we are now just 12 Patreon’s away from our target for the new Band-Backer tier. We launched this tier to help fund a recent opportunity we were offered for 2023, however we do not currently have the budget to tackle the increased workload and expenditure that this would entail. So far 18 people have backed the project, which has been incredible.

So, what do you get us a band backer?

Band-Backer Tier

As a band backer, you will be investing in the future of the band, and opportunities that will otherwise be closed off to us due to financial limitations. As a result, we will reward you with everything we do, upon release, for free! That’s shirts, CDs, vinyl, and more! Every backer helps reduce the ongoing costs for the band and is helping us develop a future in music.

£10 + a month and more you will receive:

  1. New patch, t-shirt, and EP on CD every year exclusive to Patreon’s
  2. Two brand new EPs on CD as well as a multi-disc anniversary set for the band’s debut album
  3. Each new Kaine release on CD/Vinyl for free every time we do something new
  4. Each new merch piece we release, so shirts, patches, and hoodies, for free
  5. Guest list priority for all bigger gigs and touring gigs where available

Who’s in? Join us here