We are pleased to report that our Patreon is just 3 backers away from breaking 100! We hope to break 100 in 2023, as we will launch our 2023 Patreon package soon. You can back Kaine via Patreon by clicking here.

We are in the process of printing the 21’ EP and the Falling Through Freedom anniversary set, t-shirt, and patch. Patreon’s paying £1 will receive the shirt/patch and those paying £3 and more will get the CDs. These will be limited to however many subscribers we have and will not be printed again.

Patreon’s are also entitled to 99% off our 5-year anniversary show. Tickets are limited and Patreon’s can grab theirs here. You can order tickets for just £5 from here.

You can hear both EPs via streaming platforms by clicking here.

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