All t-shirts and CDs for the 2022 pack have now been sent out. The patches have been printed and will be sent our ASAP. Once these have been sent out, we’ll announce our 2023 package. This will be a new shirt design, new patch, and new CD release.

Band backers will also receive two additional shirts, the Second Coming shirt, and the Extinction England shirts. If Band backers have already ordered these shirts, we will offer a selection of made to order designs for you to select from instead. You can join the band backer tier here. Band Backers will also received the new live album for free, or if they have already ordered an equivalent release they do not own.

We have lost 41 Patreon’s in recent weeks, which is an equivalent of £1,476 a year (lowest tier) income for the band. We understand that packs have been slow getting out, but we had two unexpected tours this year (which Patreon helped fund), and it takes a while for us to get designs made, shirts printed, and music recorded and mixed. If you have cancelled your membership, we ask you to reconsider and re-join us by clicking here.

Every penny goes back into the band and helps us continue, we have no label support, no management and we are entirely self-funded. Rehearsals alone cost £36 (plus fuel) a week, gigs are largely petrol money only and we rely purely on merch sales to continue to afford to play live.

Our bottom tier costs just £3 a month.