Rage Issues New Album Update – Kaine


A lot of people have been asking when the new album from Kaine will be coming and why it hasn’t been released yet. I thought to answer the question in detail I would give everyone a bit of background on the new album and where we are presently with the process.

Essentially the band that recorded The Waystone has effectively “split up” in the literal sense with Dan Mailer, who played bass and sung a few tracks on that album leaving almost a year ago now moving onto a successful career with Daemona and Gabriel and Anthony Murch who played lead guitar and the majority solos on that album left us 6 months ago now. This has left just myself and Chris MacKinnon (drums) from that band carrying over to this one.

As with any changes, it takes time to adjust. Saxon Davids joined us after the release of The Waystone playing on the supporting tour before becoming an official member in the October of 2014 whereas Stephen Ellis joined us officially on bass in August last year but had been rehearsing with us while Dan was winding up his final dates with the band so we had a smooth transition. Saxon is now handling the majority of the lead and solo responsibility on this album.

In August last year we released a single, which was intended to be the launch of the new Kaine album, in Justice Injustice which featured The Waystone line-up plus Saxon Davids. There were a number of songs written, or at least in the process of being written while both Dan and Anthony were still in the band which have now been shelved as the new line-up has come in and things have changed.

We have essentially had 6 months since the current line-up has existed to write a new album and we have as of today 9 complete songs, 5 of which we are doing live and 4 which are close to being added to the set. There will be a few more songs written yet on top of these. These songs have been written by all members of the band, and although are still very much in the Kaine sound they are also different to the stuff we have done in the past which is a good thing.

Aside from the member changes, real life has gotten in the way of the band. Chris in particular has had to devote a significant amount of his time to his University performances and exams, which has also meant he’s playing catch-up with work at his regular employment as well. We have continued working on material in his absence and have already had our first full rehearsal back last week where Chris has started to add his stamp to the new songs again, and in his own time has been writing more material himself he is going to show to the band as a whole as soon as it’s ready. Things are moving slowly but in the right direction. I am very confident that this album will deliver once it’s recorded.

We currently have no timescale as to when we will record this album. The plan is to get the songs we feel are best for the album, we will then “ghost” track them our end, make any final changes before even considering recording and then as ever we will then have to find the money to pay for the studio time. It’s no secret that our last two albums lost a significant amount of money meaning the reserves are depleted, and we do have an expensive tour coming up which we will also have to finance but we will find a way, as we always do, to make this next record happen.

In the meantime I thank everyone for their patience.
Love, Rage