Kaine: Writing Almost Finished for New Album


We are now entering the final stages of the “writing” phase for the new album and as of last night we have just three songs remaining to begin work on. The majority of last night’s session was devoted to working on yet another brand new track which will be ready for its live debut soon. We have also another new song completed and ready for its live debut at one of our forthcoming gigs.

Kaine working on additional material for the new album last night at Unit One Studios, Colchester. 

The way we are writing differently this time, is a member comes up with a song and records an initial demo before sending it out to the rest of the band for everyone to listen and learn at home. We then come together in rehearsals where we jam the track together and make necessary suggestions and changes before the track is finalised, played live and then recorded again as a “Ghost” track for use in the actual studio recording. Some aspects of these songs may still change prior to the final recording or during the studio session themselves.

So far the band has played eight of the new songs live which have all been received very warmly by audiences.

As stated in previous updates we are taking a lot more time to complete this album. It’s very different from The Waystone and reflects the band’s new line-up and influences but still sticks to the core sound that Kaine has had since the band first started in 2009.

Lyrically this album is a lot more diverse too as unlike with The Waystone, there isn’t the same pressure to record it in a certain timescale as the band had previously, thus giving a greater opportunity to work on the finer details of the record. On top of the more in depth lyrical content there will be a few other surprises on this record which hopefully both new fans and long-time fans of the band will enjoy.

The artwork for the album is already being drafted, again by Silencer 8 who designed the artwork for Falling Through Freedom, Rock The Castle, The Waystone and Justice Injustice.

The band is under no pressure to get the album finalised and there will be an announcement when we are ready to go into the studio and start recording. Again there are discussions to be had over how we will finance the recording, mastering and creation of the record but again we will worry about this when we come to it as our main focus is the music.