Kaine parts ways with Distilled Entertainment in America

Kaine have amicably parted ways with Distilled Entertainment.

The reason being is the management’s model for building bands up involves buyons, which can cost upwards of £10k to support larger bands on tour, with the aim to gain recognition for those supporting bands, and Kaine not having the finances to fund such a model.

It was suggested that we fan funded the buyon but the band didn’t feel this was a realistic option moving forward and have instead decided to focus on recording the new album rather than touring buyons. Kaine understands this is how the business works now, but we simply do not have the resources to finance such a model for success.

Management was concerned therefore that Kaine could never be a success without using the buyon model which is an industry standard now and offered to end the management deal this morning as we would be continue to stuck at a lower level without being able to invest.

We thank Distilled for all their efforts over the past few months and we are sorry things haven’t worked out with the partnership. If anything this continues to highlight the challenges bands face in the current climate when looking to move on to the next level.

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