Kaine release debut music video for Voice in Hell – Premieres on New Noise Magazine

Filmed at Pioneer Music, Colchester by Max Campbell, this is Kaine’s first ever official music video. Voice in Hell is a song taken from their most recent album A Crisis of Faith, which has sold out twice on CD and has been downloaded close to 20,000 times since its release in March. A vinyl version of the album will be available in September.


A Crisis of Faith is the band’s third studio album, recorded at Pointy Halo Productions. The music video will premiere on California based New Noise Magazine’s website today (which can be found on this link https://newnoisemagazine.com/kaine-voice-hell-video/) and will be available through the bands YouTube channel, KaineOfficial. Kaine have been compared to bands such as Metallica, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest.

The album is available on Spotify, iTunes, Google Music, Amazon and many more below –
Google Play – https://goo.gl/mM454T 
I-Tunes – https://goo.gl/XjDkQQ 
Amazon – https://goo.gl/fSRQME 
YouTube –  https://goo.gl/JCuGhN (free)
Bandcamp – https://goo.gl/9kNUCk  ($4)
Deezer – https://goo.gl/9PMDVh 
Facebook – https://goo.gl/GRDwMW (free)
Spotify – https://goo.gl/UV87jT

If you would like to review the album, or feature tracks from the album on your radio show please click here and we will send you a full version of the album.

What the press have said about the album…

“It is probably the best NWOBHM influenced album I have heard since about 1984. Take any one of the big hitters from that era, still playing or not and they would have had wet dreams over an album this good. In fact, if an alien landed and asked for the best British Metal album I could not go back to my scratchy, old vinyl’s. I would have to choose this one and for me that is no easy statement to make” – Jace Media

“Kaine’s A Crisis of Faith goes above and beyond to deliver the rare album that is all killer no filler. If you dig British Metal with great melody, engaging riffs and terrific song writing look no further. I may have found my album of the year already!” – Metal Nation

“The listener can sense why Rage has been compared to Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson on multiple occasions: his voice is strong and hard, yet still able to meet those high and long notes commonly associated with Classic Rock.”- Grab The Mic

“Voice in Hell’ contains some of front-man Rage Sadler’s strongest vocals, before ‘Behind The Preacher’s Eyes’ unleashes possibly the best song that Judas Priest never wrote. Album closer ‘Alone (In My Forgotten Rage)’ opens with haunting piano, then a burst of feedback flings us headlong into a slice of pure, unadulterated British metal, which ensures that proceedings end on a glorious high. It’s the sort of track that deserves to be described by future generations as “anthemic” and is the kind of song that, for a newbie to the band such as myself, leaves you wanting to check out the back catalogue.” – Totally Tankered