UPDATE ON PATREON EP CD’s (21 and 22) and 2022 shirt!

Guitar tracking for the 21′ EP

The 21’ EP has been tracked for all bar the vocals, and still requires mixing and mastering. The remaining sessions will be booked in as soon as the new album CDs are sent out, and the official artwork for the CD and track listing will be released soon after along with the title. The 2021 Patreon shirts were sent our last year, as were the patches.

The 22′ Patreon

The 22’ EP requires just the drums and vocals to be tracked and will be released together later this year as part of a ten-year anniversary set for the Falling Through Freedom album. The Set will include a brand-new t-shirt which is yet to be released.

We are very sorry about the delays; this is in part due to Covid restricting our studio time with the new album meaning we have been busy trying to finish all these releases this year.

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