Kaine to take break from the road to focus on New Album


Kaine played their last show of 2015 at Woodies Youth Centre in Rochester on Saturday and will be now taking a break until February 5th, when they return to play the Soundhouse in Colchester, to work on songs for their new album. It will be the longest break the band has taken from performing live since 2012.

Rage Sadler said: “We have a large amount of material already written for the new record, we are now taking the time to focus it and filter it for what we hope to be our best record yet. We are already performing two tracks from the album, Justice Injustice and Voice in Hell which have been exceptionally well received at our shows. We have also got to find a significant sum of money to again finance the recording of it, but once this is all in hand we are hopeful to be able to release the album next year but as many know, we are a DIY band that relies entirely on itself to pay for the recording, production, mastering, the production of the physical materials and promotion which comes at a huge cost to us. There are presently no labels coming forward to invest and pay for the recording of the album, so we will be looking to fund the record entirely ourselves.”

The band had considered a pledge campaign for the new record, but decided that the band wouldn’t be able to offer anywhere near enough the benefits of signed bands in terms of rewards (additional merch for example) and doesn’t have a large enough fanbase to make the operation viable.