Chris MacKinnon now endorsed by Altered Design Drums


Kaine drummer Chris MacKinnon is now officially endorsed by AD Drums, who built his first custom drumkit earlier this year.

“As of today, I’m officially endorsed by Altered Design Drums company.

I had my first custom kit made for me by AD Drums a few months ago, after taking a leap of faith from online reviews. It was a new, unexplored territory for me and I wasn’t sure of many different aspects regarding its construction.

I was guided through every minuscule area of its creation, and advised constantly on what particular features would best compliment my playing style and sound.

I had my doubts, but it really is the kit of my dreams. The sleek, warm wood tones are exactly how I first described it to Carl and the actual construction is truly first-class. Aesthetics aside, my kit has got the most comfortable kick I’ve ever played (Something that I can’t imagine is easy to do, due to the subjective nature of every drummer’s playing) and each drum absolutely sings, ranging from a beckoning howl to the most delicate of whispers.

The sense of pride I’m feeling right now is absolutely immense, this is every kid’s dream as a drummer, and mine’s now become a reality!”

Chris adds Altered Design Drums to his growing list of endorsements, which already includes Code Drum heads and Pellwood Drumsticks